Another Insane Israeli Bus Driver Story Goes Viral


A bus driver employed by the Netiv Express Company driving from Meron to Jerusalem, stopped and announced a ten-minute break. According to the statements from passengers, he ended the break and drove off ten minutes later, taking off with three small children on board, but leaving their mom behind.

The event, which occurred on Tuesday, went viral on social media, with angered and shocked passengers expressing their opinion regarding the unacceptable actions of the driver.

Passengers explain the bus stopped for a break of ten minutes in a gas station, and the driver “left on the dot, without waiting”, leaving a number of passengers behind, including a mother of small children – whose children were alone on the bus. The children began shouting as did other passengers, but their pleas fell on deaf ears as the driver continued on his route, ignoring their cries.

Transportation Minister Betzalel Smotrich got his message out via twitter, promising the driver’s days at the wheel have ended. He acknowledged that drivers operate under considerable pressure and schedule considerations, but the actions of this driver were unacceptable.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Umm…I can’t help wondering whose actions were more “insane”…
    A) The bus driver who left according to schedule
    B) The tardy passengers who expected an entire busload of people to wait for them.

  2. maybe she was waiting for the bathroom along with half the bus and the line didn’t move fast enough.
    stop finding fault with everyone who is religious

  3. Lol this is why I love Israel. The passengers yelling at the driver “regga nahag nahag, regga!!” but the driver just continues driving and speeding as if the people yelling aren’t even there. This happens all the time. BH everyone turned out fine in the end. Israel- the craziest, most amazing place on Earth. Never change!

  4. “Israel- the craziest, most amazing place on Earth. Never change!”

    Really? You like this? You think this is cute? Ever tried living with these people? They are horrible.

  5. I can totally believe this story (unlike many other stories I read on the internet).
    I travel a lot by bus and lately the bus drivers seem to be getting crazier and crazier. Sometimes they just skip stops even when people press the button for the bus to stop.
    The other day the bus driver drove right past my stop. When I yelled out for him to stop, he made a short stop, and a stroller with a baby in it fell over. Not funny.
    And they’re always trying to close doors when people are still getting on the bus…