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75-Yr.-Old Israeli Dies Of Heart Attack 2 Hrs. After Being Vaccinated

A 75-year-old man from northern Israel died of a heart attack about two hours after being vaccinated against the coronavirus, Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed on Monday afternoon.

The man, a resident of Beit Shean, had a pre-existing heart condition and has suffered heart attacks in the past and was also suffering from cancer. Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Chezy Levy, who launched an investigation into the incident, said that an initial investigation doesn’t show a link between the man’s death and the vaccination.

The man received the vaccination at a Clalit clinic at about 8:30 a.m. and as is required, stayed in the clinic for a short period of time afterward. When no ill effects were noted, the man was released to his home.

A couple of hours later, he lost consciousness. Emergency forces were summoned to his home and paramedics declared his death at the scene due to heart failure.



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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Unless it was witnessed by a trained person it might be death due to something else. It could have been a response to the vaccine or another cardiac event that is not specifically referred to as a MI heart attack.

  2. I am appalled that the media gets this “news” to report. There is zero information that links two events, and there may be no reason to consider anything here as cause-effect. But the headline, while not lying, makes such an inference. Science (the real kind, not the junk kind) is careful to distinguish between correlation and cause. Had this information remain within the scientific community to examine whether there was any linkage between two events, that would be responsible. But bringing this to the public is senseless.

    I know someone who was born in New York on the day that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Does anyone want to draw an inference to a causal relationship? Does that individual have an IQ on the positive side of zero?

    The argument about climate change aka global warming is about the causal role of humanity in this observed rise in temperatures. Undeniable evidence is that such trends have occurred before, without the levels of greenhouse gasses, etc. Can human activity be identified as a causal factor? Many scientists claim that this is a belief, not proven science. Not all correlation is causality.

  3. Re: ‘The little I know’

    At least you admit that you know little….

    A Vaccine is designed to create an immune response, that what it does that’s what it’s designed to do.
    An immune response triggers and Elevates the heart rhythm rate etc.

    1+1=2! Simple. Much like you what fooled to believe that HQC is dangerous…
    You could have said correlation does not equal causation, but sometimes correlation DOES equal causation.

    There an absolutely no data that this vaccine does not trigger heart attacks, and if this story does not wake you up I don’t know what will.

  4. Joshua: Nor is there any evidence that you have any sechel but we make that assumption when you post. Yes, sometimes a high R2 is indicative of causation but we always evaluate data with a context. Here, the victim had multiple prior heart issues and was suffering from another comorbidity. But there is ZERO indication that the immune response was a primary factor in his heart attack. Last year, we read here in YWN about another tragic case of a yid found to have died from a heart attack when he was toivel in mikvah. Did anyone suggest that elderly yidden stop going to mikvah because of this one episode??

  5. When does a injury justify? If they only look at healthy people how do they know if it is safe with a sick person. When do we decide that yes this is a causation.

  6. Gadol Nadir most people die in a bed should we not go in to a bed? All these questions just push away people that think for themselves. No one knows why he died but you have to allow people to make their decisions based on their own research. If two people walk in to a building and one person walks out with a gun the other is dead in the building, there is still no proof that he killed him. But you can choose to walk in the building together with him or not.

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