Police Break Up Wedding In Beit Shemesh Accosted By Angry Mob


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A large force of police officers broke up a wedding that was being held in Beit Shemesh on Wednesday night in violation of the Covid-19 regulations. The wedding took place in the neighborhood where many Chareidi extremists live and violence broke out between residents and the officers.

Recognizing that violence was probable, police arrived at the scene with enforcements including the Border Police, Water Cannons, and the special patrol unit Yassam.

The police received a notification that hundreds of people were gathered outside of one of the shuls in Beit Shemesh after police had arrived to break up a wedding that was taking place inside the shul with dozens of participants.

The officers who began to enforce the Covid-19 regulations against congregating in an indoor space and put a stop to the wedding were accosted by hundreds of protesters who waited for them outside the building while they began actions that caused a violent disturbance.

Additional officers were called to the scene in an attempt to restore order and were forced to use forceful tactics. Eventually, they succeeded at disbursing the crowd. During the incident, officers arrested one man who refused to identify himself and was brought to the local police station for questioning. Additionally, tickets were issued for a variety of violations of the Corona regulations.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. FYI I got an inside scoop on the Israeli police and its not pretty
    They are taking bribes from different communities to ignore weddings/events taking place, even sometimes from chareidi sects.
    Though once in a while, to show the media their commitment to Covid rules + chareidi harassment, they will throw a fit, ex: bursting into Satmar cheider on Ezras Torah in gear tough enough to capture terrorists

  2. 147: and of course you advocate the same for settlers and hilltop youth who attack police, soldiers, etc. Three cheers for consistency and honesty!

  3. As I explained at length in the comments of a recent YWN article regarding a similar topic, the Zionist forces have absolutely no authority to compel anyone to adhere to any of their completely illegitimate laws; they need to leave the true “citizens” of Eretz Yisroel (the frumme Yidden) ALONE.
    That being said, I will add: I wish there was a legitimate force that DID have the authority to enforce COVID_19 regulations in the frumme communities. I am not knowledgeable enough to argue with rabbonim and talmidei chachamim, but my heart tells me that people who so blatantly disregard COVID-19 are going to receive a very, very rude awakening in shamayim after 120… I shudder when I think of the heavenly retribution I suspect awaits them. Again, I say, “I SUSPECT awaits them”; I am not one to purport to know what Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s judgements are.

  4. @luckshun kugel: Dina d’malchusa dina is not just a phrase we can bandy about; it is a halacha — AND IT IS GOVERNED BY DINIM! Many poskim rule that dina d’malchusa does not apply in Eretz Yisroel; speak to your LOR. [And, by the way, the machlokes does not only have to do with the status of the Zionist regime; the machlokes is centuries (or perhaps millennia) old, and far pre-dates the existence of the disgraceful state recently founded on the holy soil of Eretz Yisroel.]

  5. @luckshun kugel: Also, sorry, let me just add: I want to be clear. Many (probably even a majority) of the above-referenced poskim are from the halachic camp that permits taking money from the Zionist regime, voting in the Zionist elections and carrying Zionist citizenship (as do the poskim I personally follow).

  6. Limaaseh, many people are dying in EY due to covid. we should be machmir on pekuach nefesh. the hospitals are buckling under the influx of young sick patients..

  7. I am just wondering if anyone actually knows Dina d’malchusa dina refers to money but when it comes to chinuch, minun, and yes also making chasuna jews have given up their lives for thousands of years?
    does anyone think that will stop now with a excuse about covid-19 that has not been proven to be affective, and any study that does not not agree with lock downs is taken off the web???

  8. Yashar , you can always find some one to support your views, not a big deal, but Dina d’malchusa dina IS halacha.

    DOn’t think so? drive on the wrong side of the street here in Zionist Israel to prove your point.

  9. Yashar – I am familiar with the opinion of the Ran in Nedarim that DDD does not apply to taxes levied by a Jewish king in EY, but even that opinion of a very narrow exception to the rule of DDD was not accepted by the Rambam, Tur, Shulchan Aruch or later poskim. I am also familiar with several debates amongst recent poskim regarding the application of DDD to a small number of other very specific issues in the State of Israel, but I am unfamiliar with poskim who hold that DDD just does not apply in EY / the State of Israel in toto. Please provide your published and verifiable sources re poskim (from the camp that you assert) who hold that DDD does not apply in EY / the State of Israel in toto.

  10. @luckshun kugel: 1) Did you read what I wrote? I literally explained that dina d’malchusa dina is a halacha and it, therefore, comes with dinim and is not to be bandied about ignorantly. 2) I am not “finding someone to support my views”; it is actually most likely the majority opinion. 3) The reason I wouldn’t flout traffic laws in Eretz Yisroel is, A) Because that is a sakana (DUH!), and, B) Because I’m not stupid enough to want to get ticketed, etc. Yes, it makes perfect logical sense to keep an invalid law in order to not be punished (and certainly if said law is logical).

  11. @Yagel Libi: I’m really sorry. I did not see your and @luckshun kugel’s responses until now. I answered @luckshun kugel because I have nothing to lose but I don’t want to waste time gathering the sources etc. that I would need to answer your points if you’re not even going to see it. Therefore, I will say this: If you are still interested and will still see my post, please tell me, and I will do as you ask.