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DISGRACEFUL: Fox News Team Attacked In Meah Shearim, Windows On Car Smashed, Mirrors Cracked Off

Extremists in Meah Shearim attacked a Fox News crew on Tuesday.

Photos of the crew’s vehicle with its windows smashed appeared on Israeli social media on Tuesday afternoon. A witness said he heard the rioters screaming “Kill them!”

“It was terrifying,” he said.

A photographer from another news outlet was also injured during the riot.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

22 Responses

  1. NO NO NO – this was done by OTD kids, not Charedim. Charedim are peace loving and tolerant and would never ever ever do anything like this.

  2. an other chillul hashem. Fox news is very Israel friendly.But his jewish Chareidim have no manners and they dont know any laws. they should be arrested or send out of Israel,may be to Iran and try to do waht they doing in Israel. they have no right to live in Israel,the dont give anything not army,taking money from the gouverment and destroing cars and more. they should learn to work.Or keep the thora like its written.

  3. Disgusting I’m ashamed, this is going to cause a massive chillul hashem, especially a prominent news company who will definitely report and perhaps take revenge by using anti semitism.

    I doubt even ppl in Iran wouldn’t attack a news crew, rather they would use it as a tool to spread awareness

  4. “rather they would use it as a tool to spread awareness”

    Good point. Our enemies manipulate while we attack our supporters.

  5. These people need to be educated or get a job. In my opinion it is time to stop pretending that these people are learning all day – they are bored so this is what they do.

  6. These aren’t the police.
    These aren’t the Zionists.
    These aren’t the Chilonim.
    These aren’t Tzahal.
    So why would they do it? Just destructive people.

  7. Crazy world. That’s all to say. Too bad we can’t defend our reputation of being peace loving and not hurtful to others. After defying all government covid rules on all countries, and showing how we can be so damaging to everyone, we are just the same as all other nations if not worse. We were always viewed as a pest and with recent covid ignorance whether justified or not, we live up to that it seems. Difficult to defend.

  8. All the Fox News-lovers should stop prioritizing Fox News over your own brethren who are suffering under the Zionist Jackboot.

    (@Yankele1 – the Chareidim were there long before the Zionists invaded over a century ago; it’s the Zionists that should have never invaded, not the Chareidim who should leave.)

    All the tired proclamations of “Chilul Hashem” should be first preceded by the study of those laws.

    You’re quaking because you want “pro-Israel” coverage, and Fox News is generally better than the likes of CNN.

    But you are mistaken. The Torah’s #1 priority in E”Y in the spiritual and physical safety of our brethren there and everywhere, not “boosting” the heretical anti-Jewish Zionists State of Israel.

    The Zionists are, of course, the greatest threat to both of the above, for Jews, in particular in the parts of E”Y that the Zionists have invaded.

  9. Must be FAKE NEWS. Why would any ben torah want to attack the shalichim from the only media company that has been supportive of EY and Yiiddiskeit. These reporters must have been from CNN but stole a Fox News vehicle.

  10. Fox deserves it. They turned on Trump. I have no sympathy for these fake news outlets. Thank you meah shearim for being light years ahead of the rest of the Jewish world. They know who our enemies are. This would never happen if Trump visited Meah shearim. He is a friend of chareidim.

  11. Sadly these thugs are the children that we lost to society. They are nebech the OTD children! So sad! They are not our Chareidi kids.

  12. Those bums who smashed the windows are not part of our nation. They happen to be legally Jewish because their mother is Jewish. We are not allowed to include them in our Minyan. For all practical purposes they are truly not Jewish. The 1 and only thing that we have in common is that they dress like an orthodox Jew. We know the truth, they are fake Jews.

  13. These are not charedim or even extremists. We went past there today and we saw lots of dropouts just standing around, waiting for action! I hope they are arrested and get what they deserve!
    A crying shame that they’re labeled ‘charedim’! They are causing a massive chilul Hashem!

  14. Oh the shame! Oh the crocodile tears! They’re on OUR side!

    No one really appreciates being the focus of news crews. No one appreciates having such wandering through their area. Particularly when the results will most likely be negative.

    Do the protesters on this site know what is going on in Jerusalem (and other charedi centres at the moment?) Innocent people are being terrorised by gangs of thugs – riot police, swat etc – in totally indiscriminate pogroms. Have you seen the footage in the Israeli media? You should take a look. In Bnei Beraq, the Municipality put ou a statement that the riot on Saturday night (till 3 am) was caused solely by the police, and has demanded that the police withdraw completely and leave it to them to sort out. But then again, perhaps there is no such thing as an innocent charedi.

    The news crew were there for a reason. It was definitely not sympathetic. They knew beforehand that they were entering a volatile area, and even more so at the moment that tempers are inflamed. They would never have entered an Arab area, even when things are relatively calm. So why provoke feelings? They only have themselves to blame. In fact, for them it was a win-win situation. Whichever way things turned out, they have something to write about. I’m personally more distressed about the rental car.

    The denizens of Meah Shearim are fed up with tourists trapsing through their area -those same types who have commented so far to this most newsworthy item. They want to be left alone to get on with their lives on land they purchased and developed well over 150 years ago. In the early days of the pandemic, they set up and ran an extremely efficient and successful medical aid centre. It’s still running, but is rarely needed in Meah Shearim. It’s serving outlying areas and other cities. It is a free service and supported by chareidim. Interesting that despite the coverage it has received in the Israeli chareidi media, not a word of its work has been mentioned on this site.

  15. Whenever something like this happens, electricity and water supplies and bus service to these neighborhoods should be immediately cut for a number of hours.

  16. KShomron is right. This was not the work of those who live in Meah Shearim. Anyone who lives there knows that all the problems in the neighborhood are caused by OTD kids.

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