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Two Men From Bnei Brak Arrested, Suspected of Running Large-Scale Illegal Online Crime Organization

On Tuesday, numerous suspects were brought to the Rishon Lezion magisterial court in order to ascertain the length of their arraignment. Among the numerous suspects, who were arrested under the suspicion of being involved in a major gambling syndicate, were two men from Bnei Brak. Among the list of charges being brought against these two men are running a major organized crime operation.

A police representative delineated their charges as including running and operating an internet gambling company, money laundering, and tax evasion.

“This investigation has been ongoing for more than a year,” the police representative said.

“The most heinous crime among the list of charges, which stands at the base of the other charges, is the amount of money laundering crimes committed by the suspects which provided oxygen for the entire criminal gambling organization to operate. As part of the undercover investigation, we have collected proof regarding the existence of this organization in a way that is known to its managers, agents, and emissaries. A number of people are involved in managing this organization, with each one having a clearly defined role and operating in a way as to benefit the needs of the organization.”

13 suspects were arrested thus far in conjunction with the case.

The crimes add up to the sum of tens of millions of shekel transferred via an illegal gambling site online.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “. . . two men from Bnei Brak . . . ” – The implication is obvious, but not anywhere near as obvious as why any such implication is baseless.
    1) IF they were otherwise members of the frum community, YWN would be certain to mention it.
    2) Any individual who would commit such crimes is not / cannot be a member of the frum community.

  2. Why are you claiming that you’re hafeidi all while framing, ywn posts the uneseary news,
    Like man arrested for abusing when there’s millions of cases like that all while hamodia has tens of more articles and relevant and important news

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