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17 Hours Without Kosher Food: Dozens Of Chareidim Get Stuck In Turkey

Dozens of Chareidim on a Brussels Airlines flight from Israel to Belgium were forced to land in Antalya, Turkey on Monday evening after a sudden emergency landing due to a safety issue, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

After spending two hours on the plane while safety checks were carried out, the passengers were taken to a hotel, where they slept overnight Monday.

One of the passengers told B’Chadrei that among the Chareidi passengers were families with many children who were forced to spend hours in the hotel without any kosher food. “But Baruch Hashem, the landing was a neis. Mamash a neis.”

The Jews stuck in Turkey daven Shacharis at the hotel.

From photos from the hotel, it appears as if the hotel provided the frum Jews with fruits and vegetables.

A new flight for the passengers to Belgium was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Oy, nebach. Seventeen hours without kosher food! But with fruit and vegetables. I don’t think anyone here would complain if Tisha B’Av or Yom Kippur were fast days except that fruit and vegetables were permitted.

  2. what do you expect in an emergency? there are plenty of things to eat that do not need a hechsher – an orange, an apple, etc. besides there is a kosher OK/Lubavitch caterer in Turkey.

  3. Nothing wrong with having fresh fruits and vegetables for one day, instead of kugle Chulent kishke and the rest of the poisonous food us chareidim stuff ourselves with.
    This might have been a blessing in disguise.

  4. Halevai that El Al should provide such accommodations in case of an unforseen flight emergency landing or cancellation in a foreign city.

  5. These idiots could have spent a few $$ for the hotel chef to arrange bowls of rice and beans, or bake fresh bread and fish. It’s not hard to keep kosher in the modern world. Are all of them retarded?

  6. Another misleading headline.

    It was an emergency situation. And clearly they were catered to as best could be, in the situation.

    Keeping Kosher, as well as other Mitsvos, sometimes requires mesiras nefesh. Gasp..!!I

    Our mesiras nefesh, not somebody else’s.

    We have an abundance of kosher food nowadays. Let’s be grateful.

    Btw i am not preaching to those who found themselves in this difficult situation. I am merely responding to the headline.

  7. The “emergency” was not having brisket with their Rebbe’s hashgacha and the milk for the kids was not cholov yisroel. After all, all Turkish airport hotels should routinely stock these products for erhliche yidden who might literally parachute in during an emergency and expect their preferred meals.

  8. To buggi;
    You are using not nice names to another human being.
    Please tell all of us which punishment came to Channah because of the way she was communicating with Peninah. Actually Channa spoke extremely nicely with tons of respect and still she got punished. Channah spoke a million times better than you.

  9. Seriously?! They HAD food, they had fruits and vegetables, so your headline is ridiculous! And it looks to be a nice hotel and they had a place to daven, so why is this even written up as news with such a misleading title?!

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