Neis In Israel: Driver Saved After Sinkhole Opens In Middle Of Street

Photo: Israel Police

A car fell into a sinkhole that suddenly opened in Hod Hasharon over the weekend but miraculously the driver escaped unscathed.

According to the police, the sinkhole was probably caused by a breakdown in the underground water infrastructure.

The owner of the car, Chaim Boron, a resident of the city, described what happened to Ynet: “I was driving when I saw a small half-meter hole but it quickly turned into a flood and within a second, my car sunk. It all happened within an instant. The front tires fell inside the sinkhole. I fled the car within 20 seconds. The car continued to sink – if I wouldn’t have fled, I would have sunk with it.”

“I can’t believe the huge neis that happened, a real neis,” he said. “My life was saved in a neis.”

Following the incident, the police said that they carried out inspections and “at this point, no additional weak spots were found. One vehicle was damaged, with no casualties. Engineering and municipality officials were summoned, with the aim of returning traffic to normal as soon as possible.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. with the aim of returning traffic to normal as soon as possible.” More important to have aim to return unscathed restored refurbished car to the owner Chaim Boron

  2. Dear 147, your intentions are good. I’m sure the insurance from the owner or the city should cover the damages. Unfortunately that seems like a total loss.