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IDF Soldier Dovid Yehuda Yitzchak, H’yd, Of Beit El Killed In Jenin

An Israeli soldier was fatally shot in the city of Jenin as Israeli forces began their withdrawal from the area after a major operation that had lasted nearly two days.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that the soldier, a non-commissioned officer from the elite Egoz commando unit, received immediate medical treatment at the scene before being transferred to an Israeli hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The soldier was later identified as Sergeant 1st Class Dovid Yehudah Yitzchak, 23, H’yd, of Beit El. Dovid Yehudah, z’l, is survived by his parents, Moshe and Emunah, and six siblings. His levaya will take place on Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the Har Herzl military cemetery.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said the soldier was shot while securing the initial phase of the military’s withdrawal from Jenin. The incident is under investigation to determine whether the soldier was hit by Palestinian gunfire or “friendly fire” from other Israeli forces present in the area.

As Israeli troops gradually vacated Jenin later that Tuesday night, sporadic clashes erupted between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli forces. The withdrawal was still in progress during the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday.

Hagari emphasized that the operation would only be considered complete once all forces had successfully withdrawn from Jenin. He further stated that troops would remain on high alert in the area to respond to any exigency.

According to the IDF, an airstrike was conducted against Palestinian gunmen stationed at a cemetery on the outskirts of Jenin. The gunmen were deemed a threat to the security forces as they departed from the refugee camp. Palestinian media outlets reported several casualties resulting from the strike, though their conditions remain unknown at this time.

Israel initiated the major operation early Monday in an effort to crack down on what it perceives as a hotbed of terrorism in Jenin. The city has witnessed a number of attacks on Israelis in recent years, often perpetrated by Palestinians from the area. Observers have noted that the Palestinian Authority exerts limited control over the region.

The operation primarily targeted the Jenin Battalion, a local wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, as well as other smaller armed groups operating within the city and refugee camp.

Palestinian health officials reported 12 fatalities and at least 100 injuries, including 20 individuals in serious condition, as a result of Israeli airstrikes and clashes with Israeli forces. While all those killed were involved in the fighting, some noncombatants were among the wounded, according to the IDF.

Over 1,000 IDF troops participated in the campaign, making it the largest military operation in the West Bank in approximately 20 years.

Since the early hours of Monday, the IDF has interrogated over 300 Palestinian suspects, detaining 30 individuals for further questioning.

The military operation commenced with a series of airstrikes targeting multiple locations in Jenin, including a joint war room used by various armed groups in the city.

Throughout the operation, IDF troops identified and demolished at least eight weapon storage sites, six explosives laboratories containing numerous primed devices, three war rooms used by Palestinian gunmen for observing Israeli forces, and other infrastructure associated with terrorism. The IDF also seized 24 assault rifles, eight handguns, and a substantial quantity of ammunition.

Approximately 20 drone strikes were conducted against different targets within the refugee camp.

Internally, the military referred to the operation as “Bayit Vagan,” meaning “Home and Garden,” in reference to Jenin’s biblical name. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also employed the term. However, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit asserted that the operation had no official name.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. And the witch Talaib is giving out candies at the capitol as her way of celebrating the soldier’s death.. ה’ ינקום דמו

  2. I’m a long time resident of Beit El. We’re all heartbroken. Some of my sons were schoolmates of David HY”D.
    These boys that serve in combat units and maintain their Torah lifestyles are such heroes. They are the best of us. Dedicated to ״עם ישראל בארץ ישראל על פי תורת ישראל״

  3. @chaim_baruch – as the father of several boys who served or are currently serving in combat units, I can only convey heartfelt condolences to the family and the entire community. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about the boys serving while maintaining a Torah lifestyle – these are the true heros of Klal Israel.

    an Israeli Yid

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