TRAGEDY IN UMAN: Father Collapses In Front Of His Children, Passes Away

United Hatzalah

A tragic incident occurred in Uman on the second day of Rosh Hashanah when an Israeli man from the southern Israeli city of Netivot collapsed and passed away shortly later.

David Mirilashvili, z’l, 55, collapsed after Minchah in front of his children at the entrance to the tzion of Reb Nachman M’Breslov. Hazalah paramedics carried out resuscitation techniques but were forced to pronounce his death at the scene shortly later.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is working to transfer his body to Israel.

An estimated 45,600 Jews spent Rosh Hashanah in Uman.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. BD”E, R”L.

    While I can’t speculate the cause of this particular S.A.D. case (and certainly not HKB”H’s cheshbon), I can say we have an absolute chiyuv V’nishmaterm on Spike Protein cardiovascular toxicity. The now publicized protocols apply to pretty much to most mid-age adults during & post C19 infection, kal v’chomer to the foolish who took multiple boosters.

  2. @takahmamash

    You have no right to “take chances” with a clear and now ever present pikuach nefesh that can meabed atzmecha l’daas. The physician who you call a “conspiracist nut job” is the most published cardiologist in the world who also majored in immunology and Public Health.

    Not sure how many warning signals Hashem has to send us, but many people choose willful blindness on the message.