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IDF Forces Find Missile Under Baby’s Crib, Surround Jabaliya In Gaza Strip

The IDF’s 162nd Division completed the surrounding of Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday, the last major battleground in the conquest of northern Gaza.

The area was bombarded with heavy airstrikes to pave the way for ground troops.

Three tunnel shafts were struck, eliminating terrorists inside the tunnels, and rocket launchers were destroyed.

Earlier Monday night, the IDF struck a rocket launcher located right next to a residential building that was used to carry out the barrage on central Israel on Sunday evening.

The IDF also carried out airstrikes against about 250 additional Hamas terror targets. Troops on the ground uncovered terror infrastructure, including launchers, anti-tank missiles, one of which was found under a crib, and weapon caches.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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