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Israeli Security Cabinet To Consider New Proposal To End The War In Gaza

A new proposal from Qatar to end the Gaza war is set to be presented to the Israeli security cabinet this evening, according to sources close to officials in Doha. Channel 13 News reports that the proposal includes the exile of Hamas leaders, a staged release of all hostages, and the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip.

The War Cabinet convened on Wednesday evening today to deliberate on the proposed hostages’ deal and discuss strategies for the “day after” the conflict.

Qatar earlier Wednesday announced that Egyptian mediation efforts have reverted to the status quo prior to the assassination of Saleh al-Arouri in Beirut’s Dahieh district last week. Israeli efforts are reportedly concentrated on securing a deal for the hostages in exchange for a temporary ceasefire, rather than a permanent one.

A group representing the families of hostages being held by Hamas has expressed cautious optimism about the new proposal. In their statement, they said, “The reports on a new deal that will be presented to the Cabinet give the families some hope, as we are anxious about the fate of our loved ones – who have been languishing in Hamas tunnels for almost 100 days and nights, without food, water, and life-saving medical treatment.”

“Every day that passes, the condition of the hostages is getting worse. We say again and again: The War Cabinet must not focus on anything else other than the return of the hostages. We demand that they approve any deal that will lead to the immediate release of all hostages alive.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Israel weakness has always hurt them.

    By now they should have choked Gaza to surrender, but instead they listen to their liberal “friends” in the US, and the end results is (as so many times in the past), the terrorists feel they were victorious and feel encouraged to do it again and again.

    Hashem Yishmor all the yidden.

    It’s time to make Israel into a Jewish state of Eretz Yisroel with Ehrlicher yidden as leaders

  2. I cannot even imagine what the families are going through.

    At the same time: “The War Cabinet must not focus on anything other than the return of the hostages”!?

    Okay, I don’t believe in the State of Israel, but that statement is insane, murderous, and evil. The War Cabinet must not allow their natural compassion for the the hostages to cause them to lose focus; they must not focus on anything other than what will secure the country and its MILLIONS of citizens, who ALL live in danger of a second, third, and fourth October 7th!

    The krumkeit is at an insane level right now.

    We daven that all the hostages are rescued, released, manage to escape, or are otherwise saved IMMEDIATELY.

    We daven that all terrorists drop dead and that Hashem pays back Gaza and every nation or group that ever messed with us with the worst curses imaginable.

  3. The leaders are exiled and the rest of the terrorist remain? And then we leave Gaza so that they can get new leaders and rebuild.

    What is there to consider – that’s a ridiculous deal!

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