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IDF Discovers Weapons in UN School Compound, Exposing Hamas’ Terrorist Exploitation [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

In a recent operation conducted by the IDF Paratrooper Brigade combat team, additional evidence of Hamas’ exploitation of civilian infrastructure for terrorist activities has come to light. The discovery of a cache of weapons within the compound of a UN school in Khan Yunis underscores the ruthless tactics employed by the terror group in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF revealed that large quantities of weaponry, including AK-47s, warheads, grenades, RPGs, and ammunition, were found inside a building adjacent to the UN school. Despite the school’s intended purpose as a humanitarian shelter for Gazan residents, it had been manipulated by terrorists as a staging ground for their operations. The IDF reported that the terrorists utilized a breach in the school wall to access the adjacent building, facilitating the transfer of weapons to be used in attacks against Israeli soldiers.

Amidst the operation, Israeli soldiers prioritized the evacuation of civilians from the combat zone to ensure their safety. Approximately 60 terrorists attempting to blend in with the civilian population during the evacuation process were apprehended by the IDF. These individuals have been detained for further investigation by Israeli security forces, highlighting Hamas’ reprehensible tactic of hiding among civilians to evade detection.

Further searches conducted by the Paratrooper Brigade combat team revealed additional caches of weapons, ammunition, cartridges, vests, and Hamas uniforms in nearby buildings. Additionally, a raid on the residence of the Head of the Anti-Tank Array of the Khan Yunis Brigade yielded a significant amount of weapons and intelligence materials.

Attached is an aerial photograph illustrating the passage between the UN building and the building where large quantities of weapons were found:

Attached is footage of weapons found by the Paratrooper Brigade combat team western Khan Yunis:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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