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Israeli Journalist: “I’m Launching A Campaign To Support The Olam HaYeshivos”

Yinon Magal, a popular Israeli journalist from the right-wing Channel 14 News announced on his show that he is launching a campaign to support the Torah world following the Supreme Court’s decision to freeze funding to yeshivos. He also said that he personally will support a yeshivah bochur and avreich.

“I checked it out,” he said. “A yeshivah bochur cost NIS 395 a month and an avreich cost NIS 650 a month. There are 40,000 yeshivah bochurim aged 18-22 and another 25,000 avreichim – it comes out to 65,000 people.”

“And therefore I’m saying that b’ezrat Hashem, I’m taking on myself personally to regularly fund a yeshivah bochur and an avreich. And there are many many people like me – and if they don’t fund the yeshivos – I will lead a campaign that b’ezrat Hashem there will be 60,000 people who will take upon themselves to fund a talmid yeshivah. We’ll fund it. They won’t topple the Olam HaTorah for us. Whoever doesn’t learn should be drafted. Whoever learns will receive – because people see it as a value.”

Magal posted a video of his announcement on social media and many social media users responded that they will also contribute.

Also, following the Supreme Court’s decision, a group of reservists in Gaza collected money on their base to support a kollel in Petach Tikvah. Below is a video of the reservist giving the money to a member of the kollel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

9 Responses

  1. This decree will have the exact opposite effect on the Torah world. They will be freed from government dependence, and Hashem will ensure the Torah will continue to thrive. The losers will be the State of Israel which has now lost much of its merit to exist (I don’t say all, because the yeshivot hesder will continue to be funded).
    Very scary.
    השיבה שופטנו כבראשונה.

  2. Yinon; I wish I could have your z’chusim! Now the [lowly kangaroo] court took away the z’chus hatorah from the Israeli public, Yinon’s campaign will return that option to thousands of people with a bit of sense.

  3. You would have thought that the numbers were much much higher, the way way the government has been toppled because of funding issues in the past

    If these numbers are correct, then then whole tug of war between the secular sector and parties and the chareidi parties etc,is about 110 mil dollars a year aprox.
    So If the yeshivas stop taking funding, and the chutz lararetz philanthropists who support torah step in,to cover the deficit) then the whole issue about conscription and then threatening to leave the government,the roshei yeshivas saying one has to be moser nefesh and the whole hatred (or at least the excuse) of secular VS chareidi, and new government/elections every few months just falls away.and the religious MKs can go do something else.

  4. Halevai many frum people (myself included) should have the same degree of Emunah in Hachzokas Hatorah. Perhaps any Bachur/Avreich being sponsored will take his learning more seriously and go out for a smoke (ironically featured in the video) a little less. (NO I’m not saying that going out for a needed smoke is contrary to learning well).
    I’m wondering what it is that prompted him. Anyone have an idea? Am I to be so naive and believe that this guy simply has a true belief in Hachzokas Hatorah?

    I’m not trying to put I’m down but it seems odd.

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