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Report: Hamas Delaying Hostage Deal In Hopes Of Iranian Attack On Israel

According to unnamed sources in Jerusalem cited by Channel 12 news, Hamas’s Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar is delaying his response to the current hostage-truce proposal in the hopes that Iran will attack Israel, sparking a wider conflict.

Sinwar remains committed to his ambition of triggering a regional war and believes an Iranian attack would unite various fronts against Israel, according to the report.

A proposed deal, reportedly accepted by Israel, involves the release of 40 living hostages in a “humanitarian category” in exchange for 900 Palestinian security prisoners during a 42-day truce. However, Hamas officials have publicly rejected the terms, reiterating demands for an Israeli commitment to end the war and allow northern Gazans to return home. Despite this, a definitive rejection has not been issued.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This isn’t likely to be true. Hamas has been very consistent in not wanting a cease fire for the past six months. There is no reason to think they have a sudden motivation to hold off because of Iran.

  2. More likely is the theory that most of the hostage have been murdered.

    If Israel and Iran are engaged in mass fatality operations (e.g. destroying major industrial facilities, mass destruction of cities as was common in World War II), Israel will be free to execute Palestinian prisoners and destroy (cf: Dresden, Hiroshima) remaining Gaza cities.

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