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IDF Concludes Pinpoint Raid, Destroys Over 100 Terrorist Sites, Tunnels, Kills 40 Terrorists [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

The IDF has announced the completion of a targeted operation against Hamas in the central Gaza Strip, resulting in the destruction of more than 100 sites linked to terrorist groups, the elimination of approximately 40 operatives, and an expansion of the east-west corridor controlled by the army.

Conducted by the 401st Armored Brigade and additional units under the 162nd Division on the outskirts of the Nuseirat camp, the operation aimed to clear the area of Hamas militants, dismantle their infrastructure—including a tunnel network facilitating passage from Nuseirat to Gaza City—and extend the Netzarim corridor.

The Netzarim corridor, situated along a road south of Gaza City and north of Nuseirat, enables the IDF to conduct operations in northern and central Gaza while regulating access for Palestinians returning from the south.

During the operation near Nuseirat, the IDF reported the destruction of two rocket manufacturing facilities—one belonging to Hamas and the other to Palestinian Islamic Jihad—alongside approximately 100 other targeted sites. Additionally, 17 tunnel shafts, part of multiple underground networks, were demolished, along with the discovery and neutralization of rockets and launchers.

Approximately 40 gunmen were killed during the operation, including casualties from airstrikes carried out prior to the offensive.

Following the mission’s conclusion, most of the 162nd Division has withdrawn from Gaza. The Nahal Brigade remains in the Strip, operating within the Netzarim corridor, where the IDF claims to have neutralized over 1,000 militants in the past three months.

Plans are underway to replace the Nahal Brigade in the Netzarim corridor with a reserve brigade, allowing all division forces to prepare for future operations, including planned offensives in Rafah and central Gaza.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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