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US General: Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar Is Surrounded By 15-20 Hostages As Human Shields

A former US Army officer has revealed that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is using Israeli hostages as human shields to protect himself and his family. General Jack Keane, former US Army Vice Chief of Staff, told Sky News that sources confirm Sinwar has surrounded himself and his family with 15-20 hostages, ensuring his survival.

“My sources tell me that Sinwar, who is the number one leader in Gaza of the Hamas organization, has 15-20 hostages protecting him and his family,” Keane stated. “That’s why they have these hostages to guarantee their survival.”

Keane emphasized that Israel is justified in applying military pressure to force the release of the hostages. “Israel is absolutely right in putting military pressure on them to force the release of the hostages,” he said.

This report corroborates a February Washington Post article, which stated that the IDF believes Sinwar is hiding in tunnels beneath Khan Yunis, surrounded by a human shield of hostages to deter capture or killing.

If confirmed, this would explain Hamas’ refusal to release 40 hostages and insistence on releasing only 20-33, citing inability to locate the demanded number of hostages and requiring a ceasefire to do so.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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