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HOSTAGE DEAL? Israel Agreed To Release Marwan Barghouti – On 1 Condition

A Saudi news site reported on Motzei Shabbos that Israel is no longer opposed to the release of murderous terrorist Marwan Barghouti on the condition that he is released to the Gaza Strip and not to the West Bank.

Barghouti, the former leader of the Tanzim organization, was sentenced by an Israeli court in 2004 to five cumulative life sentences and 40 years in prison for acts of terror in which five Israelis were murdered and many injured.

The report added that Hamas is expected to demand Barghouti’s release during the first stage of an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire/hostage deal. The report claims that Hamas is poised to agree to the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire/hostage release deal. They will demand guarantees for the end of the war and the withdrawal of IDF forces from Gaza at the end and the third final phase of the agreement.

Al Jazeera reported that a Qatari delegation departed for Cairo to assist in indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

According to Egyptian reports, the Hamas delegation notified Cairo that it is willing to begin the implementation of the humanitarian phase of the deal even without an Israeli commitment in advance to end the war, provided that the continuation of the agreement will lead to the end of the war.

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel)

4 Responses

  1. once again YWN proves its sanity level is no higher than Israel’s.
    this is a murders’/hostages’ release deal.

  2. More likely that Barghouti yimach shmo will be eliminated in Gaza by Hamas rather than it happening in the West Bank.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous. The guy is a mass murderer. A Nazi who killed many many Yidden.

    Israel is not the Jewish state and the fact that they are willing to release this man to appease to murderers is proof of that.

    The more high profile prisoners they release the more they will try to do it again!

    This is what you get when the country is run by freie people who do not have the best interests of klal Yisroel at heart.

  4. I have no problem with them releasing him even to the west bank…on 1 condition…his head needs to be severed off prior to that.

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