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SICKENING: Australian Bakery Makes Hamas Cake & Cupcakes For Child’s Birthday

A bakery in Syndey, Australia baked a custom Hamas cake and cupcakes for a boy’s fourth! birthday and proudly shared the finished products on its social media accounts

Oven Bakery By Fufu deleted the photos after the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) publicized the story. Following an uproar and a call to launch an investigation into child abuse, it deleted its social media accounts entirely.

The head of the AJA, Robert Gregory stated: “Islamic extremism and radicalization of youth is not just a problem for the Jewish community. It’s a threat to all Australians. Australia has seen several recent incidents of Muslim youth allegedly stabbing or plotting to attack other Australians. Indoctrination starts at a young age and is similar to what is seen across the Middle East. This is nothing short of child terrorist grooming.”

Cupcakes the bakery produced with images of Hamas spokesperson Abu Ubaida. (Photo: Australian Jewish Association)

The head of the  Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Alex Ryvchin said: “It takes a rare kind of psychosis to want to teach infant children that Hamas terrorists are to be admired and emulated. If this is what is happening in some Sydney homes, we should prepare for a generation of violent extremists.”

The birthday boy Omer dressed up as Hamas spokesperson Abu Ubaida at his birthday party standing proudly in front of the baked goods.
Judging by this post dated October 15, 2023, the bakery has a history of supporting terrorism.

Shirion Collective, an account that exposes antisemitism in the media, called to investigate the bakery for violating child protection laws, stating: “In Sydney, Australia, a bakery known as Oven Bakery Fufu is currently under fire for featuring images that glorify terrorism and promote extremist ideologies, specifically indoctrinating a four-year-old child named Omar.”

“This is a clear violation of Australian child protection laws. According to Australian law, child abuse includes acts that result in physical, psychological, or emotional harm. Emotional abuse involves serious psychological harm from a child experiencing or being exposed to family violence, including indoctrination into extremist beliefs and terrorist activities.”

“The images from Oven Bakery Fufu depict a child dressed in a keffiyeh and military/terror camouflage, celebrating his birthday with a cake adorned with terrorist symbols. This indoctrination corrupts and terrorizes the child, fitting the legal definition of child abuse. We spoke to a lawyer who confirmed that this is definitely something the Australian authorities should investigate.”

“The Australian government designates Hamas as a terrorist organization, making the promotion of its symbols and ideologies a severe violation of both civil and criminal laws. The child’s participation in such activities is a grave concern, and authorities must intervene to ensure the child’s safety and well-being.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “Islamic extremism and radicalization of youth is not just a problem for the Jewish community. It’s a threat to all Australians.” sorry, but this is extremely wrong-headed. jews ARE australians, and deserve protection AS australians, not because islamic extremism also threatens non-jews. racism, and especially violent racism, is wrong, no matter whose ox is being gored.

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