City Fountains to Operate on Rosh Hashanah to Accommodate Tashlich


tashlich.jpgYerushalayim is in full swing, preparing for Rosh Hashanah. Security agencies are preparing to increase its forces ahead of the Yomtov, and the city is preparing for the tens of thousands of guests expected to spend Rosh Hashanah in the capital. Bus schedules will be increased on erev Yomtov, and all city building projects and work crews will come to a halt on erev Yomtov.

To accommodate Tashlich on the first day of Yomtov, city fountains that do not use fresh water will operate, including Safra Square (City Hall), Liberty Bell Park, Mamilla Park, the Knesset Rose Garden, Nachlat Shiva (near the IDF Katzin Ha’Ir and between the Old Knesset and Mashbir department store.

The mayor’s office reports that sanitation workers are doing their utmost to clean up the city before Rosh Hashanah.

Kaporos will be permitted as is customary before Yom Kippur but additional inspectors will be on the lookout for people not complying with regulations. Actual schita will only be permitted in a small number of supervised areas, and pidyon kaporos will be permitted in neighborhoods around the city without schita.

City officials have prepared areas for schita, cleaning them well, placing receptacles for trash and other waste products, and the areas have been sprayed against rodents and other pests.

Health, security and other emergency personnel will be maintaining a presence in large areas as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)