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Report: Bush Calls for Deal Including Israeli Retreat from Golan Heights

bush olmert.jpgUS President George W. Bush passed a letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad via PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), a letter which calls on Damascus to break its bond with Iran and enter into a treaty with Israel before the president steps down from office. In exchange for Syria’s gesture, Israel would retreat from the entire Golan Heights, which was liberated in the June 1967 Six Day War.

The information was provided from a senior aide to Abu Mazen, as reported in the Kuwaiti al-Jareida.

According to the report, the letter was handed to Assad during a meeting this week with the PA leader in Damascus. Bush is looking for Syria’s signature on an agreement before the American elections in November; a move the White House believes would jumpstart Mideast peace efforts and permits the troubled outgoing American leader to record a major success for posterity.

The report adds that senior officials who accompanied Abu Mazen to Damascus were unaware of the letter, which Bush explained mustn’t be delivered via regular channels, but personally handed to the Syrian leader. Even the American Ambassador was unaware of the letter. This was the primary reason for the PA leader’s visit to Damascus the Kuwaiti report adds.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Since when do the Americans have sovereignty over E”Y??? Furthermore, suppose Israel does H”V give away the Golan…Is anybody so stupid to think that Syria won’t continue where they left off in’67 when Israe took the Golan from an attacking Syiran Army through much Jewish blood!!!!Not to mention the 30,000 Jews who live there. What does Bush propose doing with them??

  2. Dear President Bush:

    Go away. Go away quietly. We will not sacrifice any more land for your last-ditch effort at a Middle East legacy.

    Jews worldwide

  3. Given the liklihood of Obama winning, and the United States being impaired from foreign military activities due to a poor economy, that might be the best deal Israel can hope for, assuming it gets something in return (American troops in the Golan?, weapons tech from the US, American recognition of Israeli claims to at least part of Jerusalem, etc.). The prospect of Israel having to one-on-one with a united Islamic world led by Iran and/or al-Queda, with the US and NATO crippled and withdrawn, is a “good” proposect only if you hope the end of the world is a siman of bias ha-Meshiach.

  4. But what they dont say is that the President KNOWS this will never happen.

    Things are happening that make less and less sense. Moshiach is on the way. DO TSHUVA!!

  5. Bush is a sick man what a disappointment of a president he was. he is single handedly responsible for the demise of the republican party

  6. Gee – If a Democrat had proposed this there would be a pro-GOP hue and cry about Liberals selling out Israel and Yidden.

    This is more evidence of the generally accepted view that the strategic self-interest of the United States in supporting Israel are pretty well fixed and are rather immune to changes in the party in power here in the U.S.

    Any American government will ensure Israel’s survival, while at the same time pressing her to make uncomfortable concessions.

  7. If this is what BUSH is doing, try to imagine what Barakh Hussein Obama would (chas v’shalom) DO!!! Ayn lanu al mi le’hi’sha’ayn, elah al Avinu she’bashamayim!!!

  8. In a few months, President Obama with an increasingly left wing Congress, will be much less inclined to offer good terms to Israel. Given the budget crisis pending in the US, it is unlikely the US could offer much aid if Israel needed it. As it is most Israelis favor alnd-for-peace (that’s why 70 out of 120 members of parliament are on the left), and the percentage of Israelis willing to bear a significant hardship , or even inconvenience, to support a strong military policy IS RADICALLY DECREASING. Bush is tryin gto get Israel the best best deal it will probably be able to get. In six months, the deal might include Iranian regulars south of the Litani and in the Golan, and maybe a return to the traditional American policy of not stationing troop abroad.

  9. As it is most Israelis favor alnd-for-peace (that’s why 70 out of 120 members of parliament are on the left),******
    QUITE A FALSEHOOD, the reason we got 70 left wingers is simple to explain, in Israel there is no voter representation, all those who voted for Sharon THOUGHT they were voting for a strong determined right-winger and what they got is left wing all the way. The MK’s represent volvos, pensions, free trips and zero university tuitions for their families, nothing to do with the population at large. Travel through the country from Metulla to Eilat and all you hear is NO PEACE with an ENEMY.

  10. to #11 –Sharon was in a coma for the last election. They were voting for a party of Olmert and Livni, Peres and Ramon. They were voting for the party the insisted on a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. While religious Jews might be outraged over the current regime, we should note that we mainly talk to ourselves, and when the votes are counted, it is the left-wing secular who won. If the political leadership believed the right would win, you would see many jumping ship so they can be winners in the next election.

  11. I am ashamed that the United States would pressure Israel to give up an inch of land won by Jewish blood. We can only expect more hurricanes, floods and fires from people who claim to be Christian. Christians, who understand the Bible, DO NOT even suggest that Israel give up any land guaranteed by the Abrahamic Covenant.

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