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Israel: 21 Days in the Slammer for…Yawning

yawn.jpgA soldier who yawned during an address by his base commander in a memorial service for Yitzchak Rabin was sent to jail for 21 days. Apparently, the soldier was seated in the fourth row in the air force base event, and yawned quite loudly, without covering his mouth.

Following the memorial session he was summoned before an officer and charged with scoffing the ceremony and exhibiting flippant behavior.

The soldier’s mother responded angrily, calling the punishment too severe considering the offensive.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office stated the soldier’s behavior during a memorial service was inappropriate and therefore, he was punished.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. If a yeshiva student made a similar rude “yawn” while a Rosh Yeshiva was making a speech, what would happen? Remember that to the hilonim, Rabin has been turned into a “gadol”. From the perspective of those who control Israel, one who questions Rabin’s sainthood, or the wisdom of his policies, is a heretic and traitor.

  2. Hello Yosi – It’s not Zionists – it’s the military. Period.

    In 1967 I was at a British USO type club on Cyprus – and watched as United States Navy and Soviet military pilots sat and had beer together . . their hands were “flying” as they were animatedly sharing fly-boy stories. It struck me then how similar were those American and Russian guys – that they shared some basic traits that none of them share with any of the rest of us.

    In the same vein, years later I watched a ZAHAL Sergeant chewing out his troops – and realized that it was little if any different from my DI chewing us out in my day – – and my son’s recent Army stories are just more of the same.

    Military discipline, as administered in Western countries, is probably a necessary thing . . . and neither the Zionists nor anyone else has a monopoly on its seemingly more silly outcomes.

    By the way, the link you sent me seemed to have a majority of posters who took issue with the claimed mesorah for “racism.”



  3. Yonason:

    Address the quoted Torah, Gemorah, Bereishis Rabba, Zohar, etc. rather than the liberals who didn’t like what it said (as typically they don’t.)

  4. Yosi –

    I have discussed this issue with a Rosh Kollel – he makes the point that quotes can be taken in isolation and used incorrectly to “prove” positions. We can cite Gemora, for example, to “prove” thunder is caused by wind blowing across hard concavities in clouds.

    I have yet to meet a Rav or Rebbe who confirms for me that the mesorah supports racism – and I have asked several over the past two months – all of them Yeshivishe.

    Finally, your words reveal a belief that “Liberals” are the only Yidden who could possibly believe that racism is not unsupported by Torah. Therefore, perchance, all Torah true Jews have to be racists?


  5. Isolation? They are quite clear and numerous, from numerous sources, as some provided in that link.

    Sure it contradicts modern liberal American theology…

    Address the provided sources, rather than rhetoric.

  6. Yosi:

    Let me be clearer – Over Tom Tov I asked four Yeshiva Rabbonim the question at issue – after I had been “jokingly” labeled a “N” Lover, I asked them if the Torah supported racist views and racist rhetoric – and whether a Torah Yid had to have an anti-black racist perspective. Not one of them answered in the affirmative.

    It is one thing to have a Torah perspective on Yidden vs Goyim, and even that needs to be nuanced and is capable of triumphal abuse – it is entirely another thing to cite Gemora, Sanhedrin 108b, to justify contemporary racism.

    As I think was pointed out by on the blog you cite, it is not so poshut for anybody to darshon Torah to say that attitudes towards individuals today are dictated by any alleged descent from Cham ben Noach. From a most elementry point of view, there has been so much mixing of races over the past millenia that you cannot be certain that any individual today in fact is a Halachic decendent of Cham.

    In addition, black frum Yidden also are discriminated against by their “racially pure” bretheren – I’d like you to explain that in terms of Cham ben Noach.

    I think all this darshoning is largely the product of result-oriented reasoning by individuals who are all too happy to be racists anyway.


  7. Yonason:

    Print out that link, and show them the first post.

    Let me know their BASIC teitch of them.

    (The result-oriented reasoning, are done by those trying to reinterpert the Torah to conform with current “Western Values” and public-opinion.)

  8. Yonason:
    We don’t believe a black guy can’t be some times better than a white, or even better than some Jews. Of course treating someone differently for his race – is wrong.

    However, it’s very clear from the Torah that race does matter. It’s also clear that one could break away from his cursed race if he tries hard enough.

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