Shas Workings Towards 20 Knesset Mandates


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ovadia.jpgIn the presence of about 1,000 supporters, Shas on Wednesday night, in the Jerusalem Convention Center, launched its election campaign announcing it is working towards 20 seats in the next Knesset.

“On Election Day, whoever loves the Torah must vote Shas” stated Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita. “Everyone must bring ten additional people to vote. Anyone with a vehicle must place it at Shas’ disposal. Anyone with a taxi must present himself at a voting station on Election Day. This is how we can reach 18-20 mandates”.

The rabbi also promised his audience that whoever votes for Shas will “enter Gan Eden”.

Party leader Minister Eli Yishai addressed the forum, asking “Do you remember the negotiations with Livni? They wish to divide Yerushalayim. We will never agree”!

Yishai also vowed to continue fighting towards increasing the monthly child allowance and a monthly minimum wage of NIS 5,000.

Yishai went on to discuss Shas’ demands for the educational portfolio, commenting how both Likud and Kadima stated they would never give it to Shas. “They are afraid of us” he stated, explaining if Shas earns 20 seats, they will have enough power to demand the education portfolio.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. They had 17 seats in the year that R. Deri led Shas. There may be an unusually large number of Sefardi votes “in play” since in the last election, Kadima appealed for Sefardi votes (Sharon having recruited David Tal), and Labor was led by Amir Perets. Both Labor and Kadima have moved in different directions. Likud tends to support the same economic policies as Likud (anti-poor, pro-business, similar to American conservatives), and Bayit Yehudi doesn’t seem to be oriented towards working-class Sefardim.

    Getting control over the universities and the secular education system might be a problem, until you get to a point that the Aguda-Degel list, Shas and Bayit Yehudi are approaching 60 seats, and that is probably over a generation away.

  2. rav ovadiah yosef is one of the greatest talmidei chachamim in our generation hashem should protect him and keep him healthy for many years soo he can keep on with his great assistance to klall yisroel in these trying times

  3. The rabbi also promised his audience that whoever votes for Shas will “enter Gan Eden”.
    But will they stay there, or is it just a visit?

  4. Shas is planning on inviting an Arab for one of its seats, all the traditional sefradim who usually vote Shas will run to vote Likud or NRP. You are deluding yourself with those #’s, if anything it will be much less than now. People are tired of Shas and its flipfloping on every issue.

  5. #5 – Why shouldn’t Shas recruit an Arab. Many Arabs agree with most of Shas’s agenda and if they are willing to tolerate Jewish control over Eretz Yisrael (and in many cases, Arab minorities prefer Jews over other Arab groups who would persecute them). On most moral issues, we share views with the Arabs, and have no common ground with the Hilonim of Jewish descent.

    Shas has consistently favored a social agenda that has largely been abandonned by other parties. Unlike the more secular nationalists (who also tend to be capitalist “trickle down” types), Shas has always favored peace with Arabs rather than transfer (i.e. genocide), and unlike the secular “doves”, Shas would be happy to live at peace with the Arabs in the middle east (Mertez and Labor would never agree to peace if it meant giving up abortion, gay rights, substance abuse, or trying to be more Euro-American than the people in Europe and America). Shas has been consistent and principle-oriented.

  6. Shas is a party of Emuna, so it seems, especially with Tzadikim/Chachomim like Rav Ovadia and Rav Arush behind it. I hope they raise their profile amongst ashkenazim and olim – I am of Polish descent but would consider voting for a party that stands up for Jewish Torah values for the whole nation.

  7. On most moral issues, we share views with the Arabs, and have no common ground with the Hilonim of Jewish descent.

    With chilonim we share a neshamah yisroel and with ARABS we share the same views on abortion and some modesty issues (big deal). The Arabs have no concern for human dignity….(especially of human rights to their wives, daughters and children)

  8. “Gan Eden…” Sephardim talk emotionally.Be careful the way you talk about a Rav! Jokes are not appreciated. This isn’t some shul rav your talking about because the cholent isn’t good at kiddush. Some Ashekanazim need to learn some more kavod HaTorah.