Who Will be UTJ’s Jerusalem Deputy Mayor?


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nb2.jpgParty officials are working to reach an agreement between Agudas Yisrael and Degel HaTorah regarding the United Torah Judaism deputy mayor slot in Jerusalem.

It appears that based on a 5763 agreement between the two factions, each has found a relevant clause proving the first deputy mayoral position goes to their faction. Yehoshua Pollack of the Porush family’s Shlomei Emunim faction (Agudah) states there can be no question that the first deputy appointment goes to Agudah as per the agreement between the two factions.

Pollack adds that he has no doubt that once they sit and he explains his reasoning, the other side will agree as well. He added that on the chance this is not the case, he is willing to take the matter to an arbitrator.

That being the case, the sides met on Thursday night and no agreement was made. The Degel leaders were no convinced that Agudah gets the deputy slot. Time is running out however, and they are expected to present the mayor with their decision on Sunday, when Mayor Nir Barkat expects to announce his administration.

Both factions have agreed to present the matter before rabbinical arbitrators for a final decision.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel


  1. What?? They still have not learned their lesson from the mayoral election? This silly clause is what led to them losing the election for mayor in the first place. Uri Lupolianski could have won the election, and there would still be a Charedi mayor. Watch… Barkat will be fed up with this foolish infighting, and there will be no religious deputy mayor, period.

    What’s the difference between them and the Afghanistan tribal chiefs?

  2. Here we go again… and the ball goes round and round, and when it stops we do not know, cause the ball goes round and round.
    Mr. Barkat is not going to wait for their indecision and negociations to end, he will choose someone else, and perhaps HE SHOULD.

  3. BS”D

    Ribbonoi shel oilam, is it only when there is a tragedy that Your children set aside their differences and personal desires?

    These spoiled brats would rather throw the haredi community in Yerushalayim IHK to the dogs chas vesholom than give in to the “other” faction – as if we are not all following the same Torah.