Kadima Leader Opting for Opposition


Kadima1.pngNothing is certain until President Shimon Peres announces his decision vis-à-vis the presidential mandate to form the next coalition but most are already aware that in all probability, the mandate will be given to Binyamin Netanyahu, who has a realistic chance of establishing a coalition. While Tzipi Livni emerged the victor in the general election, albeit by one seat, she is not progressing in efforts towards assembling a majority coalition in Knesset.

Kadima leaders are already releasing statements addressing the painful reality, calling on Livni to “do the right thing” and take her place as the leader of the opposition, to work tenaciously to topple the right-wing coalition that is expected to become the next government.

Some of the more veteran politicians who stand at the helm of Kadima state to join such a coalition, led by Binyamin Netanyahu, would be a fatal error for Kadima and it would compel the party to betray its current platform, thereby sending an unwanted message to voters.

Livni on the other hand, at least publically, continues to exhibit confidence of her abilities to form the next government, calling on Likud leader Netanyahu to join her coalition.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)