Monday Afternoon News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael


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IDF Homefront Command to tests sirens in the Greater Jerusalem area on Tuesday at 10am.

**Right-wing flag parade schedule to be held in Um el-Fahm on Tuesday morning. Close to 2,500 police will be assigned to maintain order.

**The 18-month-old toddler who choked on a banana on Sunday remains in very serious condition in Rambam Medical Center in Haifa on Monday morning.

**Bet Shean city employees have not received their salaries for three months.

**Egyptian authorities discovered a half ton cache of TNT near the Rafiach border.

**Gag order permits publicizing details but authorities investigating the Haifa mall car bomb state they are not looking towards terrorists from Yehuda or Shomron, but “something unprecedented” involving the case. 

**Egyptian authorities seized 560 sheep about to be smuggled into Gaza via six tunnels.

**The next cabinet secretary it appears will be Tzvi Hauser, and not former Tzomet MK Modi Sandberg as was indicated by the incoming coalition earlier.

**PA news agency reports Ofir Dekel, PM Olmert’s representative for prisoner release issues, met three times with Hamas terrorists imprisoned in Israel during recent months.

**Sheikh Raid Salah was arrested on Monday in eastern Jerusalem during a ceremony declaring Jerusalem the Arab culture capital.

**The High Court of Justice has issued an order freezing construction in Yishuv Rechalim. In addition, the court ordered nine existing empty homes may not be occupied. Arab petitioners state the homes are on state and Palestinian land and the buildings interfere with the village of Issawiya.

**Two dozen right-wing protestors were outside Tel Monde Prison Monday morning seeking to prevent buses carrying family members of terrorists from entering the prison, demanding Israel prevent visitations until Gilad Shalit is released.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “Egyptian authorities seized 560 sheep about to be smuggled into Gaza via six tunnels”
    Do u realize how many disappointed grooms that left??!!