Matzah Exports from Israel Expected to Drop 5-10 Percent


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matzoh.jpgMatzah exports from Israel are expected to drop 5-10% Globes financial reports.

The United States comprises 59% of matzah exports from Israel, generating the handsome sum of $7 million. Other exports include Italy (10%) valued at $1.2 million, France (5%) $600,000, the UK (5%) $621,000, Belgium (5%) $560,000, Canada (3%) $390,000, and Australia, amounting to $345,000.

According to the Globes report, matzah exports rose 31% in 2008, to $12 million.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. They are using dollars. They should be discussing kilograms (or even pounds) of matzah. A year ago,
    wheat prices were inflated worldwide, and the dollar was depressed (meaning it took more dollars to buy a constant amount of matza).

    Absent a major growth in matzah bakeries around the world, it is unlikely that the amount of matzah exported. The increase in the value of the dollar since last year (excluding the last week) has been substantial, meaning fewer dollars are needed this year to buy the matzas than last year).

  2. Weird. Italy buys twice as much as either France or the UK. That implies that the Italian Jewish community is twice the size of the others.

    But it is France and the UK that are the countries of the overwhelming majority of Jews coming to live in Israel now.

    Where are all those Italian Jews?