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Kiryat Sefer: Avreich Listed in Very Serious Condition

mda1.jpgAn avreich was very seriously injured on Tuesday morning near the entrance of Kiryat Sefer when he was run down by a vehicle. The accident occurred as the victim’s wife looked on in horror. Hatzolah volunteers initiated resuscitation efforts. The victim was transported by paramedics to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, where he is listed in very serious condition in an ICU.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. #4 nobody is pointing fingers but I also hope that the driver stoped I’m also sure if they were driving at the speed limit it might nt of happend
    Can we pls have hos name

  2. I live in Kiryat Sefer. It is Wednesday morning now. Why am I getting this info for the first time, from YWN??? Why are we so secretive?

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