High Court Rejects Reform Petition to Halt Mehadrin Service


eged3.jpgThe High Court of Justice has rejected a petition submitted from the Reform Movement seeking to block mehadrin bus service.
The petition sited that despite a court ruling on the matter, new mehadrin lines were established, the 284 from Elad to Nachal Sorek and the 251 from Elad to Ashdod. The Reform Movement called on the court to dissolve the lines and to take action against the Ministry of Transportation for contempt of court, acting contrary to the court’s ruling.
Ministry officials explained the bus lines mentioned provide commuter service and they were not designated as mehadrin lines. The separate seating is a result of a decision by commuters, not the ministry. The “B’tzedek” organization also responded, with attorney Rav Mordechai Green asking the petitioners if the chareidi public is expected to walk instead of receiving bus service.

Justice Elyakim Rubinstein rejected the petition, accepting the position of the ministry and the B’tzedek organization. The ruling is particularly important at this time since in two weeks; the Transportation Ministry committee evaluating the mehadrin service is due to announce its position. Nevertheless, Green is critical of Dror Gonen, who selected committee members, for his refusal to appoint a chareidi representative to the special committee evaluating the mehadrin service.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. OY! when will this civil war end? doesn’t the Reform movement hear about Israel’s current problems? We need to solve PA issues, Iran issues, Bus issues. Which one doesn’t fit? this reminds me a children’s riddles……….. 🙂

  2. Horrid! It seems that the Reform movement feels the need to overcompensate for their lack of observance by trying to stone those who do observe.