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A Kugel of Yerushalmi Proportions

yk.jpgThe guests of Jerusalem’s Grand Hotel will be privileged to partake in a major Yerushalmi kugel this shabbos, not the kind one would find in one’s regular take home food store, or even in a catering operation. The kugel weighs 120kg (265lbs), requiring the expertise of three chefs who worked for eight hours.

The unique shabbos delight was the idea of hotel manager David Ashkenazi and Chef Suleiman Arnaot.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

PHOTO: Yisrael HaYom

7 Responses

  1. see the morning story entitled: “HaGaon Rav Karelitz Shlita May Travel Abroad to Assist Chinuch Atzmai”.

    These are not normal economic times. While the economic crisis is not of our own making, and does not affect Orthodox Jews more than anyone else, it is having and will continue to have a serious impact on our community.

    “Showing off” with a oversize kugel is not an example of adapting to the “Great recession” (as the optimists call it).

  2. That’s quite a newsworthy story because if this experiment is successful the Chasidishe Rebbes will be banging down the cooks door to provide oversized keegel for their tishen. Maybe next time they’ll try a 500lb P’tcha.

  3. The chasidishe rebbes would never stoop to such a mundane corporeal method as to order a 100 lb lukshen kugel or galler. Every chusid knows that the Eibishter makes a special Shabbos miracle at every rebbe’s tish and that the normal sized kugel is enough to supply the entire oilem with shirayim, ala Elishe oil’s.

  4. number 4 – this is not being paid for by tdekah. it is a stunt by a private business, so we can’t criticise, unless there is a lot of wasteage. i would hope the leftovers would be distributed to the poor after shabbos.

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