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It’s Time To Stop Iran Before It’s Too Late; Report: Saudi Air-Space Open To IAF

IAFF.jpgIn Jerusalem, last week’s announcement of yet another Iranian nuclear facility was received with feeling of validity, with statements from the United States and some European leaders more in line with Israel’s rapidly mounting concerns, with Israeli leaders continuing to warn the window of opportunity to prevent a nuclear capable Iran is closing, and we mustn’t permit Iran to reach its objective.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week told associates that the time has come for the world to take the necessary steps to halt Iran. The prime minister is pleased with the statements released by leaders of the United States, Germany, Russia and China, all signaling they represent a united front against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s objective, to enrich enough low grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb. In Jerusalem, there is a ray of hope that the western alliance is about fed up with diplomatic efforts, and the discussion may soon come to an end and lead to more forceful measures, most likely beginning to stepped-up economic sanctions.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, despite last week’s report of the discovery of the nuclear facility in Qom, America and Israel have been aware of its existence for the a number of years.

In a related matter, the British Sunday Express reported over the weekend that Saudi Arabia will permit Israeli fighter planes to fly through its airspace en route to Iran if an offensive assault is decided upon. The report quotes Britain’s chief of intelligence, Sir John Scarlett, who apparently met with Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Meir Dagan. It appears the news of the Qom facility was enough to finally persuade the Saudis.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. The time to stop Iran just keeps on ticking. I understand we have marine snipers who can hit a target at 1000 yards. We dont have to mobilize a big mess and put soldiers at risk.

  2. The British Sunday Express is sensationalist weekly tabloid.

    There’s no reason to believe they are right when they claim that the Saudi leopard has suddenly changed its spots and wants to allow Israeli fly-overs.

    Unless, of course, you just want something to make you feel good…

  3. Even if the Saudis agreed Israel cannot trust that someone in the Saudi goverment who would know about the attack would not let the Iranians know about it.

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