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Prof. Neeman Addresses Halachic Conference; ‘Reinstate Secular Law With Torah Law’

neem.jpgJustice Minister Prof. Yaakov Neeman was a most welcome guest at the Jerusalem kinos of rabbonim and dayanim who represent monetary courts. The minister, a frum Jew, spoke of an ideal, of introducing Torah law to replace Israel’s secular law, stating such a move would be welcome and beneficial. He spoke of returning to the “days of glory” during which halacha prevailed, calling for reinstating the heritage of our fathers in the State of Israel. He stressed that halacha provides a solution to all our problems, concluding one must daven to merit this speedily in our days.

Neeman, a professor of law and a senior member of Israel’s legal community, elicited the ire of many secularists, including Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) host Razi Barkai, who is a staunch supporter of the secular way of life, abusing his Tuesday morning program to ridicule the professor’s remarks, to totally invalidate the possibility of living under “oppressive halacha”, a move that he feels would propel the nation back to days that preceded our modern lifestyle, a situation that is unwanted by most.

Livni, An Expert on Halachic Law

Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) host Razi Barkai interviewed Kadima opposition party leader Tzipi Livni on Tuesday morning, asking her to comment on remarks from Justice Minister Prof. Yaakov Ne’eman, telling Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) “His statements should concern every citizen” and any effort to return us to Torah and halachic law must be concerned regarding the democratic values of the nation, especially women.

She spoke of those seeking to implement halacha as a way of life do not have a right to impose their will on others and such efforts will only increase infighting. Livni rejected any notion of entertaining the introduction of Torah Law into modern-day Israel, insisting there is no place, adding “relevant halacha” has been masterfully incorporated in the nation’s law books that govern the lives of the State of  Israel today, stating there is no room for entertaining a state run by Torah Law.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

5 Responses

  1. why is it more accaptaple for a majority that contrived there own laws, based on there intellect and feelings of justice and morality, to force this code on any minority opinion that does not agree while a majority with a set of laws that they feel is god given are undemocratic in there attempt to force this upon a minority?

    however i will concede to the secularists that to base a countries laws on the laws as we have them may result in a anarchy as after 2000 years of fragmentation with no central authoritative body almost anything could be interpolated into the halacha let us all Daven for the reinstitution of the sanhedrin bekorov

  2. So… a zionist official is calling for halacha to govern the Jewish state… Hertzl and Ben Gurion are spinning in their graves 🙂

  3. He only called for the laws of man to man should be the law of Israel. He did not call from laws of man to G-d. He is not calling for the government to impose shabbos or kasrus or lighting Chanakah lights.

    I think he wants the current Judges to make a dicssion in civil matters based on Halachah not the alien Turkesh law and British Common law.

    It is amazing that Livni would rather have the hated British law then our home grown law.

    How do you deal with parking tickets and speeding tickets in Halacah.

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