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Secular Media Hailing Clinton-Mezvinsky Intermarriage

clinton.jpgPerhaps the upcoming wedding between Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky, a son of a disgraced former US congressman best exhibits the sad state of affairs and the internal devastation that plagues the Jewish People as a result of widespread intermarriage R”L.

Some reports add that the bridegroom will “convert to Christianity” for the wedding.

The daily Haaretz addresses the upcoming “mixed-faith marriage” as if such an occurrence is acceptable, or even praiseworthy or chas v’sholom. Some view is as desirable, since the young groom will be marrying into the “prestigious” American family.

Reports indicate the wedding plans have not been announced, with many anxious to learn who will officiate at the ceremony, and just how large a role the religion of the bride and groom will play.

Haaretz adds that Chelsea has been seen attending “religious services” with Marc at NYC’s Jewish Theological Seminary, the flagship institution of Conservative Judaism.

One can only hope that representatives of Jewish organizations will boycott the event, but sadly, one can be certain that many will be there, unwilling to miss the social spectacle that serves as witness to the modern-day plague that is rapidly destroying the Jewish People from within.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. The above two comments are both sad and telling at the same time. We all need to care when we are loosing the next generation to assimalation.If it was your relative marrying out you I wonder if you would care more. Making assumptions as to the status of another jew is not a constructive way of changing the tide of assimilation. I’ts a convenient way of shirking off our responsibility to be doing all that we can do to bring back lost or uninformed jews and to feel the loss of each jew as if he was our own brother.

  2. When was the last time anyone in the groom’s family was frum (kept Shabbos, kept a kosher home, learned in yeshiva)? If they are like most American Jews, we are talking about someone was has been off the derekh for over 100 years. Indeed, have you checked his yihus (as we would if he suddenly wanted to become a baal tsuvah and wanted to marry one of our daughters) – he might actually be a goy with some Jewish ancestors (as are many if not most people who we perceive as being non-frum Jews, and is also the status ofw a large percentage of Americans in general – intermarriage among non-frum Jews has always been common, going back to the 18th century). Indeed, being “dan le-kay zechus” perhaps we should assume one his his maternal ancestors wasn’t Jewish, in which case he isn’t doing anything wrong at all.

    Jewish survival is a function of Torah and Mitsvos. When a Jews abandons a lifestyle based on Torah and Mitsvos, that’s a problem. But an assimilated Jew marrying a goy is merely the natural result of something that was a problem 100 years ago (when his family left yiddishkeit). Once the family left Judaism, they became irrelevant to Jewish survival, so who cares.

  3. The comments expressed here, particularly those stated by kitzur_dot_net and akuperma, are very distressing.

    While intermarriage always existed, even back in the old country, it was never as rampant as it has been in this generation. A Jew is not defined by whether or not they are Shomer Shabbos, but rather by their maternal lineage, since in the eyes of HKBU, we all have the opportunity to do teshuva until our last breath.

    With attitudes like yours, you could reverse 25 or so years of kiruv in a blink.

  4. Donald Trumps daughter recently went through an “orthodox” conversion to marry her so called “orthodox” affiliated groom. “Rabbi” Lookstein was “megayer” her. Maybe Bill, Hill & Chelsea should contact him.

  5. akuperma you are so wrong it scares me… you have a point in that he may not be jewish at all, but if he is “who cares”?! do you seriously not see a difference between an irreligious family where all members marry within the jewish faith, and one where there was an intermarriage?! his children will be goyim! he will bring goyish neshamot into the world! in a jewish family that is not observant, there is always a chance that somewhere down the line some descendants will come back.. if even one child or grandchild does tshuva, for generations and generations to come he’s bringing g-d fearing jews into the world, and what an honor for the poor neshamot of his unaffiliated ancestors. when one of us marries outside the faith, he’s gone. generations and generations of goyish children will be born, and i hate to say it but it seems his jewish neshama will have gone to waste. after all, isn’t teaching our children to live b’derech haTorah what getting married and raising a family is all about? although there maybe isn’t much of anything we can do to help, we absolutely have an obligation to feel for him. to hurt when we hear such a story. “areivim kol yisrael zeh la’zeh”!

  6. Thank you, MichelleNY for echoing my sentiments; I too was struck by the ‘WHO CARES’ attitude. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew; Don’t we daven on Rosh HaShanna that up until the day of his death, the gates of Teshuva are ready to accept him? …Ad Yom Mosso…

    How many assimilated famillies who one would think ‘was gone’ has a spark of one child who is chozer b’teshuva that illuminates the whole world with their tzidkus? We are am haNivchar, and the fact remains; Yisroel, af al pi she’chata, Yisroel hu.

    To put a parallel in the non-Jewish world, how many great Jewish leaders have come from Gairim? Rabbi Akiva, Malchus Beis Dovid that came from Rus? And the grand children of Haman HaRasha who learned Torah in Bnei Brak? Imagine picking up a Chumash without seeing Targum Unkelos (also a Ger).

    I think we SHOULD care. We should care very much. Please don’t be so flippant about saying “Who Cares” if someone left the fold, it hurts our feelings as a nation.

  7. not many people are aware of this. mezvinski’s grandfather was of the big givers to yeshivos and mosdos i do not know how frum he was ,but dubuque ia was a famous address only because of the grandfather

  8. mom_nyc and MichelleNY, akuperma is one of the most ignorant, apostatic, political hacks to blog onto Yeshiva World. I am not surprised that he said what he has said. He only views Jews as a voting bloc to support and further his liberal agenda. I wish his posts would be blocked because lately he has started venturing into the world of apikorsus.

    I would like to know who in their right mind would want to be a mechutan with the Clintons. They are both anti-Israel and Bubba is a menuval. Need I say more?

  9. Akuperma There you go again with your warped way of thinking. If a jew is non religious its still a huge tragedy if he intermarries. Last week you made another brilliant comment that the husband of the terrorist victim was wrong for driving over the terrorist many times.

  10. Thank you AWoman_outside_bklyn (#6) and MichelleNY (#8)for well expressed and much needed comments.

    itzur_dot_net (#2), AynOdMilvado1 (#3) and akuperma (#5) . . . how in heaven’s name do you think we could ever reach out to the non-frum if we all were as in disdain of them as are you? Does tinok shenishba mean anything to you three?

    Your opinions, I fear, exhibit a monumental intolerance that is a personality flaw – not a hoshkofa position. If you weren’t frum Yidden the flaw would still be there – the target of your hate would be different, that’s all.

  11. Come now Flatbush Bubby (#11) – are you advocating censorship? And have you put together a list of those you have labeled apikorsim? Finally, don’t besmirch the good name of Liberals by applying it to akuperma!

  12. This is a sad story. But none of us here have ever met this fellow Jew and there is no sense for us to rush in like hyenas and shred his apart. Let Hashem decide how much he is responsible for, how much we are responsible for not bringing him “in”, and how much is the golus and his “kidnapping” from his heritage to blame.

  13. #11, I think you should apologize to akuperma for a multitude of reasons. Who here is in exact accordance with each other? Should we be? In my opinion, akuperma’s posts are thought out, often with an interesting perspective that does make sense, even if I dont always agree. Your statement is horrible and bodes worse for you than the person you targeted, with all due respect to the both of you.

  14. To all those bashing akuperma: First and foremost I want to point out that I don’t know him and I don’t agree with most of his views. However, I read his comment differently than most of you did. He wrote “Once the family left Judaism, they became irrelevant to Jewish survival, so who cares.” My understanding was that once a family left Judaism – meaning that they are not Jewish because of a previous generation’s assimilation – who cares. He didn’t write once a person leaves Judaism, but once a family leaves Judaism, meaning that at this point it’s the family and not the individual. The Jewish father intermarried and now the family – his children – are not Jewish. He did not write that when a person leaves the religious way of life, but rather once a person leaves Judaism, because he’s not Jewish anymore, and in that case he’s right – who cares. Just some food for thought.

  15. YonasonW and MoshiachNow1, the YWEditor has in the past blocked certain bloggers after their anti-semitic and otherwise unacceptable comments. The Editor controls the website. I know he hasn’t in the past posted every comment of mine. Usually about 90% he posts. Occasionally he censors mine.

    But, I know he refused to post once a comment I made where I personally attacked a blogger. I sometimes think about that when some yutz start attacking me with their obnoxious comments. But, this is a website designed for the Yeshiva World. If their is apikorsus, I will point it out and request that it stop. But, I am starting to wonder if akuperma and the rest of his ilk have sent covert threats of retaliation, fines, and sanctions to the owner of this website if their comments are not posted.

    If the Editor decides to censor someone’s comments for one reason or another, that his perogative. I trust that he will do it according to halacha. But, when someone like akuperma says things like we have to have faith in politicians just like we have faith in Hashem, that is outrageous.

    I am just asking for the same treatment of others that I have received, that’s all.

  16. Another point to ponder: Think about what type of message this is sending to the world. Apparentally even educated Jewish members of society (even if they are not religious)don’t care about their heritage enough to stay Jewish. If they are willing to let that go so easily and the world and media see this as not a big deal….

  17. to answer the good intentions of “louie’ (no 18). the mother of marc mezvinsky is named MARGULIES. Highly ulikely to be a gentile-who knows-maybe she is a descendant of the “machane efraim” or maybe a descendant of r’ meir me-premeshlan (both called margulies). so, marc is clearly jewish. for the rest, I fully endorse charliehall and flatbush bubby’s comments on the ignorant and downright evil coemmnts made by others.

  18. Charliehall
    The paparazzi, by constantly reporting on her every move, did not hide the fact that Ivanka Trump was not keeping Shabbos and Kashrus by any orthodox standards even those of the RCA. Therefore I deduce that she never intended to be a shomer torah umitzvos and therefore she is not a ger tzedek. As far as Rabbi Lookstein is concerned I’d prefer to believe that he was fooled rather than that he did it for the money/fame. But who knows the truth about that????

  19. Charlie hall;

    This Rabbi Lookstein is the same Holy man that gave an invocation at Obama’s inauguraion in an interfaithservice in a church. Holy man indeed.

  20. A few ppl here have not understood what I said: “most likely this “chosson” is probably a goy anyway, if he’s associated with conservative” – not that chalila since he’s not frum means that he’s a goy – chalila – chazal say “ישראל אפילו שחטא ישארל הוא” (a Jew who sins is still called a Jew).
    All what I was implying is that since the conservatives allow many goyim to be considered jewish, so it’s quite likely that this guy’s mother was converted wrongly, and she – and him – are goyim.
    But like #5 said, you have to check his yichus, and then determine his status.

  21. to kitzur-dot-net (and also apukerma and others):
    as i wrote, marc’s mother is named MARGULIES, clearly of jewish birth. for you to “assume” a bunch of fatcs that have no basis of truth (maybe the mother was converted, the conservatives allow goyim to be jewish…etc) remember what “assume’ stands for me- if you “assume’ you make an a… of “U’ and “me!

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