Netanyahu: Kadima Can Have Additional Cabinet Appointments


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Speaking with his senior aides, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that while he stated earlier that Kadima will receive up to two cabinet posts if the party enters the coalition, the party can have more if it wishes.

The prime minister explained that he would be willing to add additional cabinet slots if that is what stands between Kadima remaining in opposition and joining the coalition, explaining his offer is most serious, since he is truly seeking to strengthen the coalition, aware the coming year will present many political and other challenges.

Commenting on the criticism surrounding the prime minister’s efforts to pull MKs from Kadima, MK (Ichud HaLeumi) Prof. Aryeh Eldad told Kol Chai Radio that Kadima leaders and members have no right to complain. He reminded listeners that Ariel Sharon did the very same thing, breaking away from Likud and pulling 13 MKs away from their party to launch Kadima, and now, the Kadima sin is coming back to haunt them.

Kadima leader Livni will be meeting with faction members on Monday afternoon. It is believed she will recommend rejecting the offer, opting to remain in opposition.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)