Bullet Fired into Home of Chabad Family in Lod


A loud “explosion” was heard in the fourth floor Lod Shichun Chabad apartment of the Chabkin family, Baruch Hashem not resulting in injuries or worse.

According to the father, R’ Tuvia, the children had gone to sleep on Monday evening but when the explosion was heard, coming from the living room, they all awakened. He ran in to check and found a hole in a window frame, immediately realizing what caused the noise and what had taken place.

R’ Chabkin summoned Moshe Ben-Harush, the community security official and a local Zaka official, who arrived on the scene and then summoned police. Police sent crime scene investigators to obtain evidence and photos, recovering the bullet that was fired.

Speaking to Kol Chareidi after the incident, R’ Yaakov Globerman, a former deputy mayor in Lod, confirmed that the bullet penetrated the apartment in Shichun Chabad, adjacent to the Rakevet neighborhood which is home to hundreds of Arabs, from where the bullet probably originated. He added this is not the first such case, and he criticizes police for not taking a firm enough position against such incidents, citing a bullet entered his home about 15 years ago.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)