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Egged Halts Bus Service to Meah Shearim

1:10PM IL: According to Egged’s Nir Landau, the manager of Egged Yerushalayim, the violent protests taking place in Meah Shearim have compelled the bus company to halt service to Meah Shearim. This is causing serious hardship for area residents and visitors, but Egged explains the bus company cannot expect drivers to enter the community with the realization buses will come under attack and also become entangled in the havoc surrounding the violence.

Egged significantly increased the Number 1 bus service to the Kosel on Thursday morning to accommodate the Meah Shearim residents heading to the Kosel, as well as the service on other lines to the Kosel. For the most part, this passed without incident.

Landau explains that buses will stop in the Shmuel HaNavi area to accommodate Meah Shearim residents, explaining for as long as the violence continues; the buses will not enter the community, including 166 (Kever Rachel), 15, 10 and other lines.

Mr. Landau adds there was light damage to a number of buses prior to the decision to halt service.

At this time, YWN-Israel is unable to find out what prompted the latest violence in Meah Shearim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Serves them right these behamas need to learn some derech eretz they are a total chillum hashem and the rabonim should openely speak out against their behaviour. All the learning in the world means nothing they are a bunch of wild bulls in a pen.

  2. Why are there “violent protests”.
    This news bulletin assumes that the reason for these protest is well known.

    Is it because of chillul shabbos, or mehadrin buses?

  3. Jerusalem Post reports that the rioters were demanding that all buses passing through Meah Shearim be separate seating. They stopped several buses and attempted to force the passengers to separate and inflicted violence on one or more bus drivers.

  4. It is usually impossible to figure out why violence is occuring in MS? sort of spontaneous,,, depending on the day… person.. or mood.. Unfortunete for the rest of us.

  5. It is not a hillul hashem to violently protest against abomination of hillul shabbat. It is a kiddush hashem indeed.

  6. Look at the story right above this one.
    When a report is made about someone or some authorities showing any kind of bias against Jews especially regarding some attack or criminal activity, there are always posts trying to make it out like the report is false or erronious and the hatred agaisnt the Jews in not really as bad as reported or possibly not there at all.

    Yet everytime there is a report that Jews, especially religious Jews, did something wrong, those same posters never question it.

    They seem to think if Jews are reported on as being violent or otherwise in teh wrong the report must be true, and can never be questioned.

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