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Yerushalayim hit with freak hail storm – parade cancelled

yy cover.jpg8:00AM EST: A freak hail storm has hit Yerushalayim at this time, and has thrown a damper on the Yom Yerushalayim festivities being held throughout the city. Heavy rain has been reported as well.

11:40AM EST: The main Jerusalem Day event has been cancelled due to the torrential rain & hail. The event was scheduled to take place at Ammunition Hill.

11:44AM EST: Arutz 7 is reporting that fire-fighters have rescued dozens of people stranded in high flood waters in Shiloach Pier, Gat Shemanim, Maaleh Adumim Tunnel and French Hill.

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  1. 8:00AM EST:REPORT
    Yom Yerushalayim festivities being held throughout the city.





  2. We will not be going down “that” road on this thread.
    Please DO NOT submit your comments regarding the validity of Yom Yerushalayim.

    We already know from past threads that there are two camps reading this website.

    Please RESPECT that.

  3. I heard in Arzei Habirah in Jerusalem, that there were a couple of apartments heavily flooded. One was flooded up the waist and another had water up to the ceiling.

  4. yod1
    Those are actually Jews, not shkutzim. Were it not for your intimate relationship with the Torah and sifrei mussar that I am sure you review constantly, you may too be half naked running L’beer Shachas. Let us bring the hashkafah to them rather than push them away as Shkutzim.

  5. let’s say 2 opinions, not 2 ‘camps’
    there was a mudslide on the chana park,
    plus i heard (can’t verify) that the farmers were desperately in need for rain for the upcoming shmita year, as this past year there was not enough . . .

  6. Great tiyulim throughout the city of Yerushayalim.
    You can watch it Live on the MachonMeir site.
    40 years of tefillos and bakashos from the kosel, kever rochel and maras hamachpala have added to our zechsim in shamayim.

  7. jdspero
    Eisav Soneh L’yaakov is alive and well, it is not a chiddush to us Torah Jews, so we do not comment on it.. But rain when it is almost Sivan in Yerushalayim, that’s big news.

  8. Why is the “Ammunition Hill” event considered the “main event” of Yom Yerushalayim, while the Rikudegalim [Flag Dance] parade to the Kosel, which was as big as ever, not? Is Ha’aretz your only source?
    BTW, when I left the Kosel at around 9 PM tonight there were thousands still there. Yes, the rain took a toll as the stage of the concert was wet & everything had to be moved off the stage, & it took a while for all the electrical apparati to dry off, & the concert thus started later than usual. But Chaim Dovid, Shlomo Katz, Meir Solomon & Chizki Sofer were all there to play music, and Chief Rabbi Amar spoke.

  9. There was a lot of flooding in the ma’alot dafnah area. What I don’t understand is why people have to look at the negative in everything. You may or may not like the medinah but can’t we be happy that Yerushulayim Ihr Hakodesh is in our hands and not in the hands of the arabs YM”S. You don’t have to align your self with the medinah but thank hashem that you have access to the kosel, that you can live in yerushulayim. Let’s find the good in one another and hopefully that will bring moshiach. The beis hamikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinom. And yes this IS sinas chinum.

  10. “Never Again?” well, I guess not. Once again, so called “zionist” (sic) are targeted, and marginalized. Zionism did not start with Herzel, nor a British Mandate, Zionism was proclaimed Beresheit (sp). Slixa, bevakasha, do not disparage a group of yehudi, wether Settler O’ Bnei Brak, Kahane Chai O’ Olmert, etc. Unity provides more support than diversity. Can we not unite as Yehudim, or is it not easier to cast dispersions from one’s own armchair? Ani ohev Klal Yisrael, gam kain J’taime l’Yisrael!!!

  11. I heard that the Rikud Degalim (flag Dance) from Gan Atzmaut to the Kotel was as great as ever dispite the rain, 10s of thousands showed up!

    Chag Sameyech!
    May we merit the completion of the messianic process speedily in our days!


  12. Aishes Chayil it depends when. I heard from a Rav though that it’s still O.K. & not a klalah yet B’H.

  13. The rain in Iyar is called the Malkosh.
    It is mentioned in Krias Shema as the reward Hashem sends us for loving Him and serving him with all our hearts and all our souls. We humbly thank Him for finding us worthy of this wonderful bracha.
    Furthermore, last Shabbos we read that if our people keep Shviis, Hashem will “command” a bracha in the sixth year. So great is the reward for this great mitzvah that the rains come in the sixth year even if we lag behind in other areas. Let us thank Hashem for showing us his connection to us in this time of Hester Panim.

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