NYC2013 – Sal Albanese Demands Weiner Pay Back NY09 Special Election Costs


weinerWith Anthony Weiner about to pop into the race for mayor any minute, one of his Democratic rivals demanded yesterday that he pay up $350,000 for the cost of the election required to fill his vacated congressional seat two years ago, after resigning for tweeting lewd pictures of himself.

In the special election held that September to replace him, Republican Bob Turner pulled off a stunning upset victory over Democrat David Weprin.

Although Mr. Weiner expressed regret at his actions, Taxpayers were stuck with the $350,000 election tab, Sal Albanese now claims, according to the NY post.

“I blame Anthony Weiner because he put himself in that situation,” Albanese declared in a press conference yesterday outside City Hall. “By the way, he never apologized for it.”