Danny Danon and 40 UN Ambassadors Visit Aish HaTorah: The embassy of the Jewish people

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Danny Danon and 40 UN Ambassadors Visit Aish HaTorah: The embassy of the Jewish people

Aish HaTorah hosted Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, and 40 UN Ambassadors for a tour and banquet luncheon as part of their 5-day visit to Israel in conjunction with the March of the Living and the American Zionist Movement. 

Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO of Aish, welcomed the UN dignitaries to the Aish World Center, “the embassy of the Jewish people opposite the Western Wall where thousands of guests of all faiths come every year to learn about the Jewish Heritage and Jewish values.”

Rabbi Burg added, “Aish’s core value, which is Judaism’s core value, is love; and taking responsibility for the world. We are open all the time for anyone, from any nation around the world to experience the power of Torah wisdom.” Rabbi Burg thanked the delegation for their support of Israel. “I’m here with a group of heroes, I really look up to all of you and all the work that you do to keep the world at peace.”

Rabbi Etiel Goldwicht, Director of Aish Israel, gave a historical overview of Jerusalem from the  Aish rooftop, with its panoramic view of the Temple Mount, Western Wall, and surrounding mountains. The Ambassadors viewed the short film “Reality” produced by longtime  Aish partner and supporter, Marc Goldman, which expresses the importance of following the Bible’s wisdom to ensure the spiritual and physical survival of humanity.

“The Aish Dan Family World Center is a magnet that draws dignitaries and individuals from all over the world to come and get connected to Israel. Anyone who comes to Aish leaves more committed and passionate to their heritage then they did when they arrived.”  said Ariel Kotler, Executive Director of Aish.

Aish is a global platform that fosters individual and communal Jewish responsibility by building connections to Jews, Jewish learning and the Jewish homeland. Founded by the late Rabbi Noah Weinberg, OBM  in 1974, today Aish HaTorah has 35 branches worldwide, engaging over 150,000 people per year and reaching over a million people online.