Rabbi Shimon Cohen Memorial Library & Community Education Initiative

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A unique opportunity has become available to commemorate the legacy of our teacher, Rabbi Shimon Cohen zt”l by sponsoring the Library and Community programs dedicated in his memory. The project was initiated on 8 Teves, and will be completed and dedicated on the day of his passing in less than three weeks on 23 Adar 1 5779. This is one of the only opportunities still available, and everyone is encouraged to participate. In his selfless way, Rabbi Cohen gave of himself to help build the Flatbush community, teaching thousands to love Hashem, his Torah, and those who study it. Help spread his message across America by taking part in this special initiative.

An article written by Kollel Choshen Mishpot of Ohio, the location of the new library and community initiative, can be found below. Again, time is of essence, and your contribution can help us reach our goal.

Please participate by clicking here.

Rabbi Shimon Cohen Memorial Library
& Community Initiative

“Applying the Joy of Torah to Our Business Lives”

    Library of Business Halachic Works
    Hotline & Email-line for 24/6 questions
    Public Education
    Educational Material
    Research by accomplished scholars
    Classes on Legal and Business Ethics

In a most unique opportunities to pay tribute to a great man, Kollel Choshen Mishpot has embarked on a campaign to upgrade the Otzar Haseforim and Community Education division through the creation of “The Rabbi Shimon Cohen Library and Community Initiative.”

The recent Chanukas Habayis served as the kickoff for this project slated to run until the yarzheit of Rabbi Shimon Cohen. Community classes have already begun (see article below) and seforim/books lists are being drawn up. The excitement is almost tangible!

A living legend, Rabbi Shimon Cohen was teacher to thousands of young kids and teenagers in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn who recall him with tremendous affection. They tell how he love them unconditionally for who they were, and how this love for them combined with his love of Torah study impacted their world view paving the way for spiritual success in their future adult lives.

In the words of a former student, “Rabbi Cohen was my teacher and instilled in me (as he did with countless thousands of other students) a love of Judiasm, Torah and Rabbi Cohen. 50 years later I have his picture hanging in my dining room so every Shabbat I can look at his smiling face and feel his love all these years later. He is the benchmark for teachers of Torah and his legacy lives on. My children and grandchildren hear me speak of my Rebbe years later with a tear in my eye and a longing for his inspiring smile and hug and teaching. 50 years later!! I wish I had $Millions so I could support any project done in his memory to a greater extent.”

The library is one of the primary ways that Rabbi Cohen will be commemorated. The library will serve as a resource for Jewish business law and community education, as well as online educational opportunities.

The dream is to dedicate the finished library on the day of his passing this year 5779.

We ask all those who hold his memory dear to donate generously. Any donation of $5000 or more will be commemorated with an engraved plaque on the library wall. To donate visit www.kollelcm.com/donate or call 323-303-7010.