Shabbos Getaway in the Catskills, $599 a couple!


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Have plans for shabbos?

Take advantage of the special pricing for this shabbos only!

Escape the city heat and join us at Vacation Valley Resort for a beautiful three-day getaway, Featuring chazanus and zemiros by Chevraya Choir.

Beautiful spacious, clean rooms, indoor and outdoor pool, lake, playground for the kids, large dining room and lobby. Foodservice is provided by Glatt Gourmet of Lakewood NJ under the strict hechsher of the KCL with two menu options available. Meals Include Friday Toameha, Friday night seuda, Shabbos morning Breakfast, Kiddush, Shabbos day seuda, melva malka, and Sunday Breakfast.

Late 5 pm checkout on Sunday allows you to enjoy the day at the resorts property or the beautiful Catskill mountains. This week we will also be having inflatable slides and jumping trampoline for the kids. A shabbos you won’t want to miss!

Call 1-888-772-6777 for more information [email protected]