Emergency Fund: We are Being Evicted With my Children

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CLICK HERE TO DONATEI an being evicted with my children.I’m reaching out to you because I’m a mother in desperate need of help. I’m a mother trying to save my family. We are struggling for Many years, I’m in such pain when my children come to me and ask me what’s going to be? Where are we going to sleep, and what are we going to eat? It breaks my heart to pieces that my children have to suffer like this. I tell them HaSh-m will help us though this. I can’t sleep at night because I’m crying and praying for a miracle to save our family. We are in a very scary situation. We have no money for basic necessities for daily living. We are living in povery. My kids come to me and they are sad because they see me crying. I’m praying for my children to be happy again, for our family to be safe, and for us to have a pillow and a bed to lay our heads at night. I’m begging for help and support. As a mother, it hurts when my kids see me so sad. My husband and I work very hard to support our kids but unfortunately we fell on hard time and we dont even have one red cent in the bank for our daily liveing expenses. We are behind on the utility bills and if we don’t pay it right away they will shut them off. We will be without lights, air conditioning ,water, etc. We are also behind on the rent. If we don’t pay the back rent we will be evicted from our home with our children and we will have to go to a homeless shelter. My children are going to be thrown out my children from yeshiva because we don’t have money to pay the tuition. Me and my husband worked so hard for our yiddishkite to be frum and to have a frum family. Our children cant go to public school. We also have a kalla who is getting married very soon and their is no money for anything. We need to buy the basics for the chasina, simple furniture and household appliances. Please help our family and this kalla to get married and set up her own home. In the merit of your helping us you will be Blessed. We have no family to go to for help because we are bal tshuvas. We are hoping and praying for a miracle. Please help our family out in this desperate time of need. You can have the zeshus to bring back the light into our home. To bring the smiles back on our children’s faces, be part of this great mitzvah of helping bal tshuvas. In this merit you should never know what it means to be in this difficult situation.