Help Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House Orchestrate Yeshuos For Klal Yisroel All Year Aound

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Despite the current tumultuous situation, the dedicated volunteers of Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House under the guidance of Harav Moshe Yosef Friedlander will have exclusive access to the holy tzion on the day of the yurtzheit.

Help Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House orchestrate yeshuos for klal yisroel all year round.

A special opportunity is now available for everyone to send a kvittel with your personal requests to the holy tzion, where so many have already had their prayers answered. Call 24-hours a day to the “kerestir yeshuos office” at 844-537-3784.

Bodrog-Keresztúr, Hungary – The day is the third of Iyur. The location is the tzion of the holy Reb Yeshayale of Kerestir Zy”a. In better times, the place would be teeming with Jews of all backgrounds. Thousands of yidden who come every year to pour out their hearts to the renowned miracle-worker. People with Tehillims in their hands and tears and their eyes, fill up the ohel and spill out to the surrounding area. Everyone with the same goal in mind, to ask Reb Yeshayale to intervene on their behalf in the heavens.  

However, this year is an entirely different scene. The roads are closed, and travel bans keep the multitudes from attending. A heavy silence blankets the streets of Kerestir. The thousands of Jews who are used to coming year after year are left bewildered at the possibility of not relieving their heavy burdens at the ever-compassionate Reb Yeshaya Ben Reb Moshe Zy”a.

Although the guest house sits forlorn, and the streets of Kerestir are closed off, the gates where Reb Yeshayale orchestrates his miracles are always open. Yes, even this year, will you have the opportunity of having your prayers answered via special emissaries. The representatives of Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House, who under the guidance of Harav Moshe Yosef Friedlander, dedicate their lives to the famous guest house, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The guest house is well-known for its all-encompassing service providing all the needs a traveler can possibly want, will once again come to the aid of klal yisroel by sending messengers who will have special access to the holy Tzion on the day of the yurtzheit.

You will be able to send in a kvittel with the names of you and your family and your personal requests. The representatives of Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House will read your kvittel by the tzion and bring forth wondrous yeshuos for you and your family. 

In order to enable everyone to send in their requests, two options have been made available. For a minimal donation of $36, a special emissary will place your kvittel with your personal requests at the holy tzion. For a donation of $72, your name will be cited during the recital of the complete book of Tehillim, a candle will be lit for your behalf, and a kvittel with your personal request will be placed on the holy tzion. 

Become a partner with Reb Yeshayale by supporting the year-round efforts of the guest house, who continue his legacy by providing all needs for the thousands of travelers to Kerestir. The budget of the guest house is close to 1.5 million dollars a year. Reb Yeshayale will surely be grateful for your help, and it is well known the Reb Yeshayale never remains in someone’s debt. He will beseech the heavens and bring forth a year of abundance and happiness for you, your family, and the whole of klal yisroel.

Get in touch with the headquarters of Reb Yeshayale’s Guest House by calling 24-hours at 844-537-3784 or by emailing [email protected].

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