Reb Shayala – it’s a GUARANTEE, a PROMISE, an INVITATION


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Reb Shayale – Chesed Without Boundaries

Whenever one mentions Reb Shayale, or Reb Yeshaya ben reb Moshe one is filled with awe, only 90 years since his Passing and the Yeshuos are still pouring out, like the food that Reb Shayale used to dish out miraculously without it ever ending untill the last visitor got to eat. His Tzavah – his will – is to emulate his ways – copy him – have Rachmonus on poor people and help to your upmost without making a chesbon; just poor out your pocket, hashem will fill it up again.

Today is his Yahrtzeit – 3rd of Iyar, every year hundreds and thousands flock to his home and kever to ask for Yeshuos and Refuos. Everybody that’s been there will testify that one feels something extraordinary, something indescribable, an uplifting feeling that stays with you for many months. The miracles that have been told over after praying there are daily episodes

We need his yeshuos for Parnasah and Refuos more than ever.

There is only one way we can get it, and that is by sponsoring hours to Igud Ha’avreichim, having Rachmonos on all those families that are left without food! The more hours we donate the bigger the yeshuah. All one has to do is donate as many hours as one can, and put in a request – a kvitel – with a short prayer Leilui Nishmas Reb Shaya ben Reb Moishe, light a candle in his memory, just like at his Kever, and your yeshuo will come, Reb Shayale will be Meilitz Yosher for you in Shomayim, by emulating his ways. Just a click away and you can care and provide food for entire families just like Reb Shayale!