What will become of the Yeshiva bochurim?

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Families in Eretz Yisroel are struggling to cope with the COVID pandemic and its’ consequences. Many yeshiva bochurim have been learning in yeshivos with total lockdown for the past few weeks. At the end of the zman, they find themselves stuck at home, in small apartments. There are no trips, no family getaways. Oftentimes, there is not enough food to go around, due to the economic stress of the pandemic. The financial and emotional stresses for these families is reaching a breaking point!

Bein Hazmanim is a volatile time, where a bochur can have an Aliyah and strengthen the months of learning he has achieved, or chas veshalom, the opposite.

In recognizing the tremendous void and heavy risk to so many bochurim Rav Kessler, The Rav of Kiryat Sefer and Horav Kodelsky, Rosh Irgun Bnei Hayeshivos got together to provide a solution.

The Bein Hazmanim Revolution was created to mobilize these bochurim to have a productive and fulfilling bein hazmanim. Participating shuls across Eretz Yisroel will provide appetizing, hot meals and structured learning seder for mesivta and beis medrash bochurim.

Immediately 2700 bochurim signed up to join and there are thousands more waiting to join if we can make the funding available to them.

For just 30 shekel a day, you can have the zechus of keeping a bochur off the streets and embraced with the warmth of torah.

In these times of fear and uncertainty, help us provide bochurim with a fruitful summer program.  The Bein Hazmanim Revolution will bring thousands of bochurim off the streets and into the beis medrash, providing tremendous chiyus to our yeshiva bochurim’s bodies and souls!

“אמר הקב”ה: אם אתה משמח את שלי, אני משמח את שלך”

In the zechus of helping the EIbeshter’s children in Eretz Yisroel, may you see much nachas from your own family.

Click HERE to make a difference now!  The larger your contribution, the more bochurim you will be bringing from a place of risk to a most rewarding experience on this world and the next.