The Arab Mafia wants to kill my father; we have 10 days to save him!

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Emergency Pikuach Nefesh Request

My father was a successful businessman whose life took a downward spiral when my mother Z’l passed away from cancer. Soon after, my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer and his business began to falter. He fell into debt, and several of the checks he sent to Arab vendors bounced.

Those bounced checks are now a threat to his very existence.

The Arab Mafia want their money, and they are ready to take my father’s life to get it.

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I know this sounds like a movie, but this is no movie; it’s our reality.

We contacted the police and they said: “Sorry. The mob is out of our control.”

My father is now hiding from the mafia in a safehouse. He is still battling skin cancer and cannot undergo proper treatment.

We are at breaking point.

Paamonim is an organization that assists families in Israel who are trapped in dangerous financial crises. Paamonim intervened and managed to stall my father’s execution for another 10 days if we can collect $50,000!

As we head into the new year, what will be written in the book of my father’s life? Will it be written that “A husband who lost his wife, a loving father fighting for his life, was murdered by the mafia?” Or will it say, “The Jewish community rallied together to save a vulnerable man’s life”?

You have the power to decide!

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We have teamed up with Paamonim and many Rabbis to help save my father. I reached out to Rosh Lowe to help me get my message out there in English so that the world can hear my cry and Am Yisroel can pull us out of these dangerous waters.

Please help, as time is running out, and we have only 10 days left!

Anything you give, large or small, can mean the difference between life and death for my father.

Thank you for opening your hearts. May it truly be Le’ Shana Tova U Metuka!

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Below is a letter from Chabad Nazareth Elite requesting your support, as well as Paamoniim, and the Minister Of Agriculture in Israel.