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A Historic Renewal For The First Time Ever: Innovative Jewish Heritage Museum Is Opening In The Historic Schneller Compound

For dozens of years, the historic Schneller Compound in Geulah stood abandoned and forgotten. Last year, the spire of its renowned clock tower underwent extensive restoration efforts. The utmost care was taken to conserve the unique design and historic quality while transforming the building into an international Jewish art museum dedicated to the heritage of the Jewish Diaspora. It is anticipated to be the largest museum of its kind in the world.

At the museum, thousands of items will be displayed using cutting-edge digital and computer technologies, including augmented reality. The Jewish Communities Institute, entrusted with the project, aims to elevate the experience and adapt to a younger, forward-thinking generation, connecting them to important historical events as well as their Jewish heritage.

Over the course of 50 years, the Jewish Communities Institute has amassed an enormous collection – in fact, the largest private archive of handwritten manuscripts, letters, sefarim, poems and original Jewish stories. This precious collection immortalizes our heritage and culture, the sacred manuscripts and artifacts that unite Jews around the world in their fealty to a timeless, unchanging culture.

Time Capsule

The Schneller Compound on Malchei Yisrael served as an orphanage in Jerusalem from 1861 until World War II. It is considered one of the most important and beautiful historical sites in all of Jerusalem. In the post-war years, the compound was used as a camp for the British Army, after which ownership transferred to the IDF, who operated at the location until ceasing operations at the end of 2008. As an area of significant historic worth, construction was carefully integrated in the restoration efforts, recreating the rare architecture while preserving the unique value of the site.

Today, the Schneller Compound has been transformed into a luxury neighborhood, a coveted project in the world of Chareidi real estate. Jerusalem Estates, created by the greatest minds in design and architecture and inspired by the historic atmosphere that exemplifies its surrounding. Its top-notch planning and first-class strategy was aimed at preserving a sense of authenticity, augmenting the unique location while continuing to tell the epic story of the Schneller Compound. would appreciate the inclusion of the video attached to the article Project Video: To coordinate a tour, please contact the Jerusalem Estates at 718-564-6656

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