Rav Chaim’s Psak: Where To Send The Child

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 R’ Menashe is a Yungerman, learning at a prominent Kollel in Boro Park. His children attend top Mosdos and are growing in Torah and Yiras Shamayim. About a week ago he began contemplating about where to send his 12-year-old son who is finishing elementary school at the end of the year and going on to Mesivta.

He found himself torn between two options. On one hand, he had his sights set on an excellent Yeshiva with the best Rabbeim, but this particular Mossad is in a different borough, which would require his son to travel about an hour every day in each direction. On the other hand, closer to home there was another choice, a fine Yeshiva with wonderful Talmidim and dedicated Rabbeim but not on the same level as the first Yeshiva that he was considering.

While contemplating this issue, he met his good friend R’ Yerachmiel and discussed it with him. His friend agreed that it was indeed a difficult question that required a decision by a great person, “My advice to you is” said his friend, “Send the question to HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, he can certainly decide it.”

The Yungerman was happy with the idea, but soon his face fell, “How can I reach Rav Chaim? It is very difficult to reach the members of his household, and I do not know anyone else who could ask the question for me,” he said sadly to his friend. R’ Yerachmiel smiled and replied: “that is no problem at all, today you can send a question to Rav Chaim through Orchot Yosher, and you receive an answer right away.”

Thus, R’ Menashe sent his question to Orchot Yosher and after a few hours, he received a reply by e-mail from Rav Chaim’s devoted grandson Rabbi Aryeh Kanievsky, who wrote to him that Rav Chaim’s Psak was to send the child to the better yeshiva even though it is far away! [There were other details to the question that have not been presented here, therefore no comparison should be made to seemingly similar situations]. It is difficult to describe the immense joy of R’ Menashe after his doubts were resolved in such a conclusive fashion!

Since the launch of the Orchot Yosher website, dozens of questions and names have been submitted to Maran Sar Hatorah every day, ranging from names for a Bracha for Shidduchim, easy childbirth, Refuah Sheleima, to questions of all kinds.

Orchot Yosher invests a lot of time and effort to give overseas residents the opportunity to submit their requests to Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita.

At the offices of Orchot Yosher, dedicated people spend tireless hours translating the questions and requests to submit to Maran Shlita. His grandson Rabbi Aryeh Kanievsky then presents these questions to his grandfather. Subsequently, he sends each and every petitioner the answer of Maran Shlita.

In addition to questions and Brachos, the site provides many stories of Rav Chaim Shlita, new pictures, and videos, as well as Sifrei Mussar that have been published by Orchot Yosher. This is great news for overseas residents, be sure to spread the word among family and friends.

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