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Today: Oorah Auction Early Bird Deadline!

We’ve been trying to get your attention – you listening yet?

New Great Prizes! Same low price! The Oorah Auction 2021 is better than ever. With prizes like a sefer torah written just for you, tuition for your children, $36,000 cash, and seven fat cows.


Why should you enter the Oorah Auction TODAY, you ask?

Why are we bombarding you with reminders and emails, you ask?

Well that’s simple. The deadline is TODAY. Yes, it’s just hours away! And we know you could use an extra $5K. Who couldn’t? And if you enter today, that $5K could be yours.

Just call 1-877-7-AUCTION or visit to enter.

And remember – today is the day!! ENTER NOW!

*min $25 donation

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