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Today: World famous Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur begins daily shiur in Rambam

Years ago, mastering the entire Torah sh’Baal Peh was an imagined dream; a mountain that most people didn’t even attempt to climb. Today, with the Daily Rambam Project, every person can do it.

The vastness of the Torah can sometimes feel overwhelming. And when the top of a mountain seems impossible to reach, it’s not a mountain the people are eager to climb. But a new initiative is transforming the landscape of Torah study for thousands of climbers.

The Daily Rambam Project is designed to empower every individual to master the entire Rambam over three years of learning, by learning just one daily Perek – with a shiur in Yiddish or in English.

This innovative project benefits people who learn Torah full-time as well as people whose time investment in learning is more limited.

For the past few months, a daily shiur in Yiddish, delivered by Rabbi Elozer Nisan Rubin, has been attracting thousands of listeners worldwide. Participants describe the impact in glowing terms: “It elevates my day,” says Pinny W., a father of 6 in Monsey, New York.  “And it is so exciting to know that with such a small investment of time on my part, I could become fluent in the entire Torah sh’Baal Peh.”

Now, this priceless gift is available in English!

Rabbi Shloima Schwartzberg is a maggid shiur known around the world for his brilliant clarity and engaging teaching style. He has taught what may be the most popular Daf Hayomi shiur on Daf HaChaim. R’ Shloima attracts learners of all backgrounds and capabilities, as he presents concepts in a way that is both fascinating and clear.

On Monday, 19 Shvat, February 1, Rabbi Schwartzberg is beginning to teach a daily shiur in sefer haRambam.

Shiurim can be accessed on the phone and on the website 

The website has been upgraded to provide an exceptional learning experience – you feel like you are sitting across the table from Rabbi Schwartzberg, as he personally speaks to you.

The text of the Rambam flows along with the shiur. Diagrams and visuals are also included, to enhance the learning experience.

Take advantage of this opportunity to power up your Torah learning to a whole new level of greatness. Start your climb today.

Check out the website here or call and listen to the shiur 718-480-0200.


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