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I’m a suffering girl who needs your help with the wedding

Dear Yidden,

My eyes are so filled with tears, I barely see what I am writing. I am so grateful to you for granting me a minute of your valuable time and for your willingness to help me.

My name is Miriam Teherani. I live in Jerusalem and am the third of eight children, bli ayin ha’ra.

From the earliest age, ever since I began to speak, I have suffered from a speech defect, a terrible stutter. Baruch HaShem, after many years of therapy and much hard work, I am finally able to finish an entire sentence. Who would have believed as much?

My parents are wonderful people. They work hard to make a living and support our family. They do everything they can so that we, their children, will not lack any of life’s necessities, but, the truth is, it still isn’t enough. The money they poured into the expensive therapies to help me overcome my problem together with the cost of daily living eat up all of their income, forcing them to take loans just to get by. Despite their best efforts, we survive with minimum.

I am so grateful to HaShem that, despite my speech defect, I merited to find a wonderful young man, a real tzaddik. IY”H, we are to be married in two weeks’ time, but I still don’t have even the most basic essentials every bride needs.

My dear parents try so hard! They run from place to place in search of funds and loans, but success is so rare and so small. And now, in despair, they are talking about putting off my wedding!

I can’t bear to see them carry such a burden. As it is, they work so hard. I don’t want them to breakdown and collapse. And so, awkward and humiliating as it is, I have no choice but to look for charity, to turn to you and beg for your kind support!

Please! Help us reach my wedding day without delay. Help us make my wedding a day of happiness, not a day of embarrassment and pain!

Merciful brothers and sisters! Take pity on my dear parents and me and help me to stand under the chuppah and build my future with tears of joy, not tears of sorrow.

I promise to doven for you as I stand under the chuppah and beseech HaShem to help you fulfill your every dream as you are helping me fulfill mine. May He bless you with every good blessing for you and your families. Amen

Tizku l’mitzvot!

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